Oops: Ted Cruz Accidentally Makes Fantastic Argument For Stricter Gun Control (Video)

Following the massacres in Las Vegas and at a church in Texas, I couldn’t help but notice the usual pro-gun propaganda coming from the right-wing was a bit different. Instead of insisting that guns have nothing to do with gun violence (as many have done in the past), I noticed more gun fanatics essentially shrugging […]

Texas Republican Tony Dale Warns Terrorists Could Exploit State’s Gun Laws

Texas is notorious for its gun culture. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen an expansion of laws allowing the open carry of guns, as well as allowing students to carry firearms on college campuses. Let’s also not forget the lunacy of Open Carry Texas which threatened groups like Moms Demand Action for opposing […]

Conservative Pundit David Harsanyi Blatantly Lies About Guns, While Claiming Democrats Lie About Guns

David Harsanyi is a writer and senior editor for the conservative political website The Federalist. I stumbled across one of his articles today in which he claims that Democrats are lying about guns and getting away with it. After reading this blog and checking his sources, I came to the conclusion that he’s either being […]

This Video Destroys The NRA Lie That More Guns Make Us Safer

In the wake of the Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater shooting, gun fanatics have been very quick to claim that this shooting happened because the Grand 16 theater is a “gun-free zone.” By their logic, if a “good guy with a gun” was allowed to carry their weapon into that evening’s showing of the movie “Trainwreck,” […]

New Study Debunks NRA and Gun Nut Propaganda Against Gun Regulations

Even the mere mention of gun regulations, no matter how sensible they might be, is enough to send most gun fanatics into a fit of rage and irrational hysteria. In my dealings with topics of any kind, gun fanatics are easily some of the most ridiculous people I encounter. These are people who, despite the […]

A Defeat For Open Carry Texas And A Win For The NRA?

It looks as if the folks at Open Carry Texas may finally get what they wanted – and not get what they wanted at the same time. For quite some time now, gun activists have been putting on demonstration after demonstration across the state, demanding legislation be passed to allow the open carry and display […]

GOP Congressman Introduces Bill To Abolish Gun-Free School Zones

When American voters handed over control of the United States Senate last November in a fit of apathy, I knew that the Republican Party would point to it as a mandate from voters and proof that our country wanted their policies as they would attempt to push their agenda down our throats. Sure enough, Congressional […]

MN Man Given No Jail Time on Gun Charges in March, Allegedly Murders Father of Five on July 4

Who would have thought I’d run across a gun story I wanted to cover on a pro-gun Facebook page?  Though my take on it is quite different from theirs. A quick background first. According to the court docket pulled from public records, Joseph Lee Smith was sentenced to 365 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse back […]

This Should Be Good: The NRA vs. Open Carry Texas Gun Nuts

When you’re a “gun rights activism” group that gets called out by the NRA for acting like jackasses, you know you must be acting fairly ridiculous.  And that’s exactly what happened when the NRA released a statement concerning these open carry gun nuts in Texas who have been showing up at various local businesses, and […]

The Stupidity of Gun Fanatics: When Stand Your Ground Collides With Open Carry

Whenever there’s some kind of tragedy involving guns, it’s inevitable that the “gun debate” will dominate the news.  I’m not really sure what it is, but there’s something about guns that renders people who are otherwise sane to act completely irrational.  We have this belief in this country that guns are what keep us safe […]