For Some Reason, Republicans and Gun Fanatics Hate Seeing These Facts About the Second Amendment

Talking about the Constitution is always a tricky thing. While our Bill of Rights was undoubtedly one of the most important documents ever written, it’s basically taboo for anyone to bring up the fact that it’s over 200 years old, composed by men who could never have envisioned what society would become. To be fair, […]

Group of Armed Gun Fanatics Stalk Texas Mosque, ‘Ready to Use Force’ (Video)

As a progressive, I’ve expressed my issues with Islam (and all organized religion in general). I guess you can say I’m in the “Bill Maher” camp of opposing any religion that’s extremely oppressive toward women, homosexuals and freedom of speech in nations based on Sharia law throughout the Muslim world. The problem is, when you speak out […]

I Have a Message for Gun Nuts Using the Paris Attack to Push Their Ridiculous Nonsense

Before most of the world knew many of the details surrounding the horrific attack in Paris, bottom-feeding gun nuts were swarming social media and the Internet, seemingly mocking France for their anti-gun laws. Many suggested that if people had guns, this would have never happened. That is complete bullshit. These were suicide attackers. Do these people […]

Open Carry Laws Helped a Madman Gun Down Three People in Colorado

Growing up in Texas, it goes without saying that I have friends who like guns – one of whom is a conservative son of a former police officer and has had his concealed carry license for several years. One day a few months ago I asked him what he thought about those who want to openly […]

Watch As Ted Cruz Stars In One of The Most Desperate (and Bizarre) Campaign Videos I’ve Ever Seen

I’m sure we’ve all been there; you watch something so outrageous that it literally makes your jaw drop. Well, that’s exactly what happened after I watched one of the most bizarre quasi-campaign videos I’ve ever come across – at least from someone who’s supposed to be considered a “mainstream politician.” Typically campaign-related videos that are […]

Inverness, FL Gun Shop Owner Says His Store Is A “Muslim-free Zone”

Inverness, Florida is a place most people probably haven’t heard of, including many folks who live in Florida itself. When you think of Florida, you usually think of Disney World, or the Miami beaches, or maybe the “Florida Man” stereotype. The “Florida Man” stereotype is based on whenever something bizarre happens – like a sea […]

Open Carry Gun Nut Terrorizes Mississippi Town, Police Can’t Do Anything About It (Video)

I’m someone who usually tries to have an open mind about most things, but there’s no way you’ll ever convince me that openly carrying guns out in public is a good thing. I’ve yet to have a single one of these gun nuts tell me how, if I lined up a group of 100 random people […]

Open Carry Nut Guns Down Woman Who Complained He Was Sexually Harassing Her

Normally this wouldn’t be a story I would write about. Not because it’s not important, but because I try to stay away from fringe nut jobs who commit heinous acts of violence to use as “an example” of anything. But this particular story stood out to me coming off the heels of Texas becoming the […]

New Study Debunks NRA and Gun Nut Propaganda Against Gun Regulations

Even the mere mention of gun regulations, no matter how sensible they might be, is enough to send most gun fanatics into a fit of rage and irrational hysteria. In my dealings with topics of any kind, gun fanatics are easily some of the most ridiculous people I encounter. These are people who, despite the […]

It’s Time We Put An End To The Ridiculous Argument That “Guns Don’t Kill People”

Gun fanatics are easily some of the most irrational people I often come across. These are people who look at a deadly inanimate object with actual admiration and affection. Just look at these open carry advocates. These are people who dedicate themselves not to ending homelessness or feeding starving children, but to the belief that […]