Breaking Down the Mental Instability of the Radical Gun Fanatic

I had a short back and forth with a gentleman online yesterday who I would label a certifiable gun nut. Though I’m sure he just sees himself as a “proud patriotic American.” It was clear from the start that nothing I was going to say to him would ever alter his beliefs about guns. In […]

The Open Carry Movement Isn’t About Rights, It’s About Fear – And A Little Racism

Open Carry Texas backed off on their plans to march through Houston’s 5th Ward. Not because they finally realized the folly of their endeavor to somehow prove to the minority neighborhood that open carry of military-grade firearms was in their best interests. Oh, and apparently the neighborhood already had plenty of firearms, as demonstrated by […]

Breaking Down Gun Nuts: 10 Ways to Determine if Someone is Too Mentally Ill to Own Guns

Usually when I engage in debates with people, I’ll try to be respectful and considerate toward opposing viewpoints. But when it comes to gun nuts, I’ve hit a point to where I can’t think of these people as anything other than batshit crazy and utterly ridiculous. Everything with these people is guns.  You see it with […]

Ted Nugent Officially Proves His Insanity by Trying to Perpetuate His Delusions as Reality

It’s funny, whenever the gun debate is brought up it essentially turns into an argument between what actually causes gun violence, guns or mental illness.  Logic would dictate it’s both, but for the sake of argument let’s just blame all gun violence on mental illness for this article. Would a sexual predator be too mentally […]

The Difference Between Gun Owners And Gun Nuts

There are fundamental differences between responsible gun owners and gun nuts. I have friends and family members who own guns. They hunt, they shoot for sport, and they own one or two firearms. Those firearms are locked away when they are not in use, never kept loaded, never left lying around on a counter top […]

Louisiana Gun Nut Politician’s Gun Campaign Not Welcome At Chick-fil-A

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, before the government shutdown filled the news, gun nuts got upset over Starbucks asking them to no longer use their stores for political rallies? Well, here in Louisiana, state Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) decided he wasn’t about to let the issue go. He has decided to hold […]