For Some Reason, Republicans and Gun Fanatics Hate Seeing These Facts About the Second Amendment

Talking about the Constitution is always a tricky thing. While our Bill of Rights was undoubtedly one of the most important documents ever written, it’s basically taboo for anyone to bring up the fact that it’s over 200 years old, composed by men who could never have envisioned what society would become. To be fair, […]

I Would Like to Address Gun Fanatics & Their Ridiculous Pro-Gun Propaganda

I’ve reached my limit when it comes to people who can’t even attempt to be the slightest bit rational or reasonable about sensible gun regulations. When I say “sensible,” that does not mean I support gun confiscations. It’s absolutely ridiculous how any time we try to have an adult conversation about guns in this country, gun fanatics go […]

Guns, God and Bullsh*t: The Real Truth About the Republican Party

Long ago I reached my tipping point with Republicans as far as it pertains to me being able to take the vast majority of them seriously. It’s not that I want to have such a massive divide between myself and my conservative counterparts, it’s just that I can’t deal with people who are completely irrational. […]

Open Carry Texas Leader Wouldn’t Qualify to Openly Carry Handguns Under Proposed Law

I’ve made no secret of my deep disdain for open carry advocates, Kory Watkins of Open Carry Tarrant Country in particular. While I’m not a big fan of gun nuts in general, I loathe these asinine fools who, in my opinion, have a sick obsession with guns. Whenever the “gun debate” is brought up, often […]

Dear Open Carry Activists: Your Entire Ideology is an Absolute Joke

I usually have a pretty decent amount of patience for people when it comes to debates. As long as people are behaving rationally, not denying facts and have the ability to make some sort of valid points, I’m willing to entertain someone who has a differing opinion on any number of topics. But when it comes […]

Dear Poor and Middle Class Republicans: ….Why?!

When I meet someone who’s wealthy and Republican, I “get it.” Why wouldn’t someone vote for a party that’s actively trying to cut their taxes and make it easier for them to become even more wealthy? While I get morally why a wealthy person might not vote Republican, I’m not ashamed to admit that I […]

The Dangerous and Idiotic Obsession Millions of Americans Have with Guns Has to Stop

I’m a firm believer in the right for every American to own a gun for self defense; in fact, I own one myself. That being said, how many guns and how many bullets do we need to defend ourselves from criminals? In the average Americans lifetime, how often will they fire a gun in self defense? […]

What The Hell Have Republicans Really Done For Conservative Voters?

Conservatives like to go on and on about the horrific policies of the Obama administration and how terrible Democrats are. But something that I seem to always notice is missing is what their party has done for them. See, as a liberal who voted for President Obama, I can tell you what he’s done for this country: […]

Ted Nugent Publicly Threatens the Life of President Obama in the Name of the NRA and Gun Rights

I know, I know, “Who cares what Ted Nugent says? Ignore him and he’ll go away!” This is a common comment I see on any article I write concerning the behavior of this scumbag. But while liberals might loathe him (as I do too), he’s a very well known public figure with a decent amount […]

Exposing the Ignorance Behind the Belief That the Second Amendment is About Overthrowing Our Government

Let’s be real, many conservatives don’t cherish our Second Amendment because they want guns for self defense, sport or because they collect guns as a hobby. Oh, no. Many conservatives believe, all the way down to their bones, that our Second Amendment is there to give Americans the ability to “rise up” against the federal […]