President Obama’s Executive Action Is A Good Thing For Gun Owners

President Obama is considering taking executive action to address the horrific gun violence problem we are facing here in the United States, and gun fanatics are predictably freaking out. On my local news station’s Facebook page, people have reacted with ignorant rantsĀ about gun confiscation, and some have even suggested that someone with a gun should […]

A Defeat For Open Carry Texas And A Win For The NRA?

It looks as if the folks at Open Carry Texas may finally get what they wanted – and not get what they wanted at the same time. For quite some time now, gun activists have been putting on demonstration after demonstration across the state, demanding legislation be passed to allow the open carry and display […]

Gun Nuts Up In Arms After Hugh Jackman Supports Gun Sense

Hugh Jackman, actor and handsome man, posted a photo to his Facebook page and Twitter on February 10. In the photo. Mr. Jackman is holding up his left arm to show a “Not One More” bracelet from He added a hashtag-“#notonemore,” and a link to As of this article, there are 4,338 comments […]

Have You Ever Wondered Exactly How Easy It Is To Get An Assault Rifle? (IMAGES)

Many people know of the “gun show loophole” that allows individuals to purchase guns without background checks or any sort of paperwork at gun shows. Currently, most states do not require any sort of background check at gun shows – and I can attest to that fact as I purchased a .243 Savage through a […]