In Rare Moment of Truth, Tucker Carlson Exposes Huge Republican Hypocrisy on Trump (Video)

It’s not very often I actually agree with something Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said, but I’m not going to claim he’s incapable of making a valid point once in a great while. Such as Thursday night when he rightfully called out the Republican hypocrisy on Donald Trump following remarks he made where he endorsed the […]

Trump: Police Officers Should Have the Right to Illegally Confiscate Guns (Video)

During a meeting with lawmakers on Wednesday, Donald Trump said that he believes cops should have the right to confiscate guns from people whether or not they were legally allowed to do so. “The police saw that he [the Parkland shooter] was a problem — they didn’t take any guns away,” Trump said. “Now that […]

Fox Military Analyst Slams ‘Pathetic’ Gun Nuts: ‘Madness’ for Civilians to Own AR-15 (Video)

While it’s not often, there are moments where some actual truth is spoken on Fox News, whether or not the majority of people watching want to hear it. Such as Saturday when the network’s military analyst, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.), slammed “pathetic” gun nuts who continue defending the right for civilians to own weapons […]

Doctored Emails Being Shopped Trying to ‘Prove’ Ridiculous Parkland Town Hall Conspiracy

While conspiracy theories have always been rather popular among conservatives, since the election of Donald Trump they’ve become mainstream. Being a mentally unhinged conspiracy-pusher himself, Trump’s managed to make conspiracies about “deep state motives being led by the FBI to remove him from office” and “paid actors being funded by George Soros to come after […]

The One Question That Left My Gun-Loving NRA Friend Completely Speechless

Normally I don’t seek out my Republicans friends or family members for political debates because I know doing so is a futile endeavor that’s just going to waste my time. However, I made an exception today when one of my friends posted something mocking people calling for new gun regulations that, quite frankly, pissed me […]

Arming Teachers is One of the Dumbest Ideas in the History of Dumb Ideas

Like many people reading this I know quite a few people who are currently teachers or were at some point. A high-stress, vastly underpaid (and underappreciated) profession, year after year teachers are burdened with more and more responsibilities that, let’s face it, in many instances the¬†parents¬†should actually be taking care of. Over the last few […]

The Parkland Massacre Has Put the True Depravity of Many Conservatives and Gun Nuts on Full Display

We’re now living in a society where it’s apparently acceptable to criticize, attack, and push conspiracies against survivors — most of whom are teenagers — of a massacre that left 17 human beings dead. Well, it’s “acceptable” if you’re a gun fanatic or a member of the right-wing media they follow. To decent human beings, […]

The Next Time Someone Blames Gun Violence Solely on Mental Illness, Show Them This

Like clockwork, whenever there’s some high-profile mass shooting that doesn’t involve a Muslim shooter, Republicans regurgitate the same three things: “Thoughts and prayers.” Claim now is not the time to talk about gun violence. Blame mental illness. Over and over again, Republicans churn out the same b.s. while doing absolutely nothing to address gun violence. […]

Here’s How the Texas Church Massacre Exposes the Massive Flaw in Leading Pro-Gun Myth

As it typically goes, following the most recent mass shooting at a church in Texas, Republicans offered their usual “thoughts and prayers,” while gun fanatics insisted that gun regulations wouldn’t have prevented this. Though pro-gun supporters were delighted to find out that one individual who lived near the church heard the gunfire, grabbed his gun, […]

My Trump-Supporting Friend Tried to Slam Me About Gun Regulations, They Didn’t Like My Response

After the latest high-profile mass shooting in Las Vegas, the worst in United States history, once again, the debate over guns in this country was making headlines. Only this time I wasn’t holding back. Like many of you, I was sick and tired of people saying, “Now isn’t the time to talk about gun regulations.” […]