Here are Some Facts About Gun Violence Republicans Really Don’t Want People Talking About

I’m not here to argue about guns. To be perfectly honest, I’m not interested in any back and forth rhetoric about what we should do about America’s very real gun violence problem. We’ve all seen these debates take place time and time again. The truth is, almost everything that can be said has been said. […]

Texas Man Ends Up in Hospital After Bullet Meant to Kill “Defenseless” Animal Hits Him in Head

Normally this wouldn’t be something I would write about, but this was just too hilarious to pass up. Plus it combined two things about which I’m passionate: Defending animals and mocking idiots with guns. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never understand people who kill animals for “joy” or “sport.” If someone wants to […]

The NRA Is Spending A Ton Of Money On Security For Event With ‘Nine Acres Of Guns’

Without a doubt, the group of people I find most frustrating to deal with (besides libertarians) are gun nuts. I would much rather debate a Bible-thumping creationist for 12 hours than deal with a radical gun fanatic for even ten minutes. Gun nuts are easily some of the most paranoid, irrational and angry people I ever […]

Shocking: Republican Governor Does Something That Makes Sense On Guns

It’s not often that I write an article consisting of a Republican standing up to the NRA and using a little common sense when it comes to gun laws. After all, this is the party that thinks guns have nothing to do with gun violence, or thinks schools should dedicate three weeks of the school […]

The Dangerous and Idiotic Obsession Millions of Americans Have with Guns Has to Stop

I’m a firm believer in the right for every American to own a gun for self defense; in fact, I own one myself. That being said, how many guns and how many bullets do we need to defend ourselves from criminals? In the average Americans lifetime, how often will they fire a gun in self defense? […]

Guns vs. Ebola: The Great Republican Hypocrisy

Since the dawn of conservatism, the one belief that’s been a constant is their staunch anti-government stance. This nation fought a Civil War because southern conservatives believed that their states had the right to own human beings as property. These Confederate states seceded from the United States over what they claimed was an “illegal” push […]

Gun Fanatics Are Creeping My Facebook Profile

“Mark Kessler commented on my picture? Don’t know him, but the name rings a bell.” It was just a Facebook notification that’s all. My profile is public, although I have my family and relationships set to private. Mark Kessler wasn’t on my friends list. So I clicked on his profile to see who he was and […]

Texas Open Carry Gun Club Named After Former Black Panther to ‘Patrol’ Streets of Dallas (Video)

In what they say was a march against police brutality, a Texas gun group which calls themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun Club took to the streets of south Dallas for the beginnings of a “civilian patrol” in and around the area. Huey P. Newton, the person for which the group is named, was one of the original founders […]

5 Issues On Which Republicans Are Right – And Devastatingly Wrong

I’ve been called both a radical leftist liberal by conservatives and right-wing conservative in disguise by liberals.  But I also believe that if both the far-left and far-right disagree with you, then you’re probably doing something right. I’ll be honest, I don’t think Republicans are wrong on everything.  In fact, I agree with them on […]

The Next Time a Gun Nut Says We Need More Guns to Make Us Safer, Just Show Them This

When it comes to guns and gun violence in America, it’s astonishing how for millions common sense goes right out the window.  Pretty much any credible stat showing global gun violence shows that not only does the United States lead the industrialized world in gun violence (per 100,000 people), but it’s not even close. Countries […]