There’s a Huge Aspect to the Russia Facebook Ads Story that Needs to Be Discussed

It’s no secret that Russia was heavily involved in trying to influence last year’s election. While we’ve known about the cyber attacks launched against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we learned Russia operatives had spent at least $100k buying ads on Facebook targeting certain people, demographics, groups, and […]

Exposing Facts About Fanatical ‘Pro-Bernie Sanders’ Blogger H.A. Goodman

If you followed the Democratic primary at all, odds are you’ve seen at least one article written by a person named H.A. Goodman. Over the last year, Goodman has spammed the Internet with around 156 articles (I actually went through his archives and counted them) and several videos, either “in support” of Sanders or bashing Clinton. That […]

Here’s the Type of Unethical Liberal That Needs To Be Called Out by the Left

I don’t normally single out any one particular political blogger – especially for an entire (long) article – but there is one whose writing is so awful I’ve been compelled to hopefully expose this fool for what he is. You see, H.A. Goodman calls himself a “Bernie Sanders only” supporter – except he doesn’t even seem to […]

Meet the Type of Liberal Who’s Going to Hand Republicans the White House in 2016

In my time in politics, I’ve read plenty of articles where someone tries to analyze data to make a point, only to fail miserably. My rule tends to be that people who don’t know how to read polls (or understand when they should be taken seriously) really shouldn’t try to analyze them. This brings me to an […]