No, Jon Stewart Wasn’t Bad for the Liberals Who Loved Him

Jamelle Bouie over at wrote an article yesterday titled “Why Jon Stewart Was Bad for the Liberals Who Loved Him,” in which he states that Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show was actually a good thing for politics. Bouie claims that “his chief influence has been to make outrage, cynicism, and condescension the language of […]

Bent Back Mountain: Sarah Palin’s Iowa Speech Translated

Attendees of the Iowa Freedom Summit were treated to a well-scripted eloquent exciting speech from Half-Governor Sarah Palin over the weekend. She was introduced to the crowd by Iowa’s own Steve “Cantaloupe Calves” King, who pointed out that Grifter Sarah Palin had moved the party to the right. Way to the right. Over a cliff, if you […]

Bobby Jindal Declares America Needs To “Turn Back To God”

With the statement from She Who Shall Not Be Named that she is “interested” in running for president in 2016, it looks like the GOP clown car has reached maximum capacity, but that’s not going to stop others from trying to jump in regardless. Sure, there are some “serious” candidates in the mix like Jeb […]

Bubbas versus Bubbles: America According To Mike Huckabee (VIDEO)

In 2008, Half Governor She Who Will Not Be Named referred to certain areas of this country as “real America,” then Limbaughed an apology. It turns out she didn’t need to, because Mike Huckabee thinks pretty much the same thing. Mr. Huckabee, who all but flat-out said he’s running for president during his recent appearance […]