Caught Between Two Fires, The Citizens of Gaza Are The Real Victims

Monday morning, the Abu Jameh family pulled 26 bodies, 19 of them children, from the rubble of their home near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, the largest toll from a single strike since the battle began July 8. Four people were killed at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, the main one serving the center […]

Ted Cruz Pathetically Uses Temporary FAA Ban on Flights to Israel to Attack President Obama

Senator Ted Cruz has become so ridiculous that it’s hard for me to view him as anything but a caricature of what tea party conservatives think politicians are supposed to act like.  Because I really just can’t take anything he says seriously. Take for instance his comments attacking President Obama because the FAA issued a […]

Why In The World Does The American Left Give Hamas A Free Pass?

Since the outbreak of the newest episode of violence between Israel and Hamas, I’ve been getting a lot of grief from some people who somehow expect me to take the side against Israel that a lot of the left has as well. I’m sorry, but I obviously didn’t get the memo that just because my […]

My Thoughts on the Violence in Gaza, Organized Religion and What the Media Should Really Be Saying

The unfortunate part of this job is sometimes it’s nearly impossible to escape work.  It seems no matter where I go, friends and family want to know what I think about a certain political topic.  And today that topic was Gaza.  I had two family members and one friend ask me what I thought about […]

Israel vs Hamas: Is Peace Even An Option?

I’ve had people pressure me over and over again over the last few days, wanting my opinion on the current crisis in Gaza. Trying to engage in any conversation with most people on the subject of Israel, occupied territories, the two state solution, and the Middle East often degenerates into a screaming match as I […]

Profit And Prophecy: Behind The Religious Right’s Support For Israel

As I write this, Hamas is busy launching rockets from Gaza toward Israel, and Israeli jets are busy turning parts of Gaza into piles of rubble. I have family in Israel, and they all live within reach of the Hamas rockets. Now, I’m not going to turn this article into a who is right and […]