Choosing a President for Alderaan Reasons: Modern Mythmaking & the “Dark Side” of Presidential Politics

Myth matters. Gilgamesh slayed the great beast Humbaba. Persephone was abducted by Hades. Anubis weighs hearts at the threshold of eternity. There is great meaning to be gleaned from each of these mythological still shots, a meaning that does not depend on historical veracity, on whether they actually happened, or happen.   Oh, and here’s […]

What if?…Obama’s Pending Lincoln Moment

Nobody won. President Obama aged two decades in two weeks.  (Who knows?  Maybe Oil of Olay will ultimately win for that.)  The national economy is out $24 billion.  (And it’s not as if we can send the Koch Brothers an invoice.)  Rational residents in Alabama, Texas and the Potato State must somehow live with the […]