Prediction: Our Incompetent Congress is About to Screw Up Everything To Do with ISIS

As ISIS continues to become a huge problem not for just the United States, but the entire world, it’s clear that something must be done. We must stop this radical Islamic terrorist group from achieving their ultimate goal of creating a massive Islamic state ruled by their extreme and barbaric leadership. And, to his credit, […]

Harry Reid Calls John Boehner a ‘Failure’ as a Leader, Says He’s ‘Spooked’ by Tea Party

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but every once in a while he’ll say something that really hits the nail on the head. Speaking about immigration reform, and the Republican hissy fit they’re throwing because President Obama is using executive orders to do what he can since the […]

“Operation: American Spring” is Crazier Than Anybody Could Have Possibly Thought

By now most of you have heard about the “historic, groundbreaking event” that’s being held in Washington D.C. by right-wing lunatics patriots demanding the removal from office of President Obama, Eric Holder, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Millions upon millions (30 million by most of their estimates – or 10% of the […]

More Progress: The National Push for Marijuana Has a Surprising New Major Ally

Just in these past couple years we’ve seen the first two states (Colorado and Washington) in the United States legalize recreational marijuana possession and use.  This is of course a huge deal because until this point marijuana was illegal (except for specific medical purposes in specific states) and still does remain illegal on the federal […]

Ted Cruz Quite Possibly Just Made His Most Ridiculous Statement — Ever

It’s no secret that I absolutely cannot stand Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  I still go back and forth between him and Sarah Palin when trying to figure out who I loathe more.  Currently the edge goes to Cruz simply because he’s actually a senator, whereas Sarah Palin is nothing more than a failed vice presidential […]

“Nuclear” Fallout: Republicans Wanted to Act Like Petulant Children, Now They’re Getting Spanked

As most of you know by now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid finally went “nuclear” on the Senate yesterday.  What that basically means is that to proceed with judicial or executive nominees (with the exception of nominees to the Supreme Court), which Republicans have blocked at a record pace since President Obama became the president, […]

Harry Reid: Ted Cruz Pushed for Government Shutdown to Help His “Run for President”

Following the reopening of the government this past week after being shut down for over two weeks, there have been plenty of comments from both sides as to who’s responsible and just what the heck happened. And while I put the entire blame for this fiasco on the Republican party (when Boehner willfully blocks a […]

Bipartisan Agreement Reached in the Senate to Eliminate the House of Representatives for Being Incompetent

Apparently fed up with the embarrassment that’s known as our House of Representatives, the Senate is seeking to change our Constitution, and has come to an agreement to eliminate the House from our process of governing. In a joint press conference attended by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, the senators seemed in agreement that the […]

Want to End the Government Shutdown Right Now? Here’s the Simple Way How to do it…

As the government shutdown continues, and Americans continue to grow more and more angry each day, there’s a lot of rhetoric going back and forth from both sides of the political argument blaming each other for the government being closed. But reality only supports one side of the argument—Republicans are the ones to blame. Any […]

Mitch McConnell Basically Tells Ted Cruz “Thanks But No Thanks” on Fake Filibuster

As the days go on, it becomes more and more apparent that Ted Cruz doesn’t have the pull he thinks (or wished) he had in Congress.  Since he became Senator, it’s been clear that Cruz has singled out “Obamacare” as his mechanism to launch any kind of national notoriety. Which I guess was fairly intelligent. […]