Fox News’ Latest Desperate Attack on Hillary Clinton Reaches a New Low

To say that Fox News is loving the Harvey Weinstein scandal would be an understatement. I don’t think I need to go into much detail concerning how absurd all of this has been from a network that spends most of its time propping up and defending a “president” who’s been accused by at least 15 […]

Here’s a List of Disgusting Facts About Harvey Weinstein for Trump Supporters

Alright, Republicans, as a progressive I’ve heard your complaints. You all feel the sexual assault/harassment allegations made against the Hollywood scumbag Harvey Weinstein are proof that the left is nothing more than a bunch of depraved, unethical heathens who lack any sense of morals or values, right? You know, maybe you all are right. Without […]

Scumbag Harvey Weinstein’s Put the Unprecedented Hypocrisy of Trump Supporters on Full Display

Let’s just get this out of the way: Harvey Weinstein’s a disgusting creep who probably deserves a tiny room inside of some sort of government-run facility. That said, this scandal has put on display the unprecedented hypocrisy of Donald Trump and his supporters. Of all the people who’ve expressed disgust or outrage over these allegations […]