Pathetic Arizona Pastor’s “Cure For AIDS” Is More Awful Than You Can Possibly Imagine (Video)

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for organized religion. As a Christian myself, I have no problem with people following a particular faith, but it seems once human-made rules are placed upon that faith then it becomes more about the personal agendas of particular “religious leaders” than it is about the actual faith. Our […]

Todd Kincannon, #YesAllWomen, and the UCSB killings

Todd Kincannon, a man I enjoy ignoring, unfortunately oozed his way back onto my radar the morning of Memorial Day. Madison Kimrey posted a screenshot of Todd Kincannon’s Twitter feed, which contained a comment he wrote about the shooting victims in California: No idea how my son will die, but I know it won’t be […]

Why Aren’t the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson Hypocrites Rushing to Donald Sterling’s Defense?

It’s always an interesting time when politics and pop culture mix.  We saw it during the Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson controversy back in December and when Bill Nye debated Ken Ham in February.  But, of course, the most recent story that’s developed has been Donald Sterling’s incredibly racist comments. And, as expected, most Republicans have come out […]

Oklahoma Restaurant Owner: ‘I Really Don’t Want Gays Around,’ ‘I Can Spot a F*ggot’ (VIDEO)

I was raised in the South, Texas to be exact, so racism; bigotry; sexism; ignorance; homophobia – none of these things really shock me.  I always assume that most people I meet in the South are conservatives, and if they turn out not to be, it’s a pleasant surprise. That being said, the story I […]

5-Year-Old Disney Sitcom Star Receives Death Threats Because Show Features Same-Sex Couple

When I first ran across this story I thought to myself, “There’s no way this can be real, can it?”  Being in this business, I see first hand how horrible many people can be.  If it’s not the stories I run across depicting numberous horrific acts, it’s the disgusting comments that are left on my […]