Trump’s Too Stupid to Realize He’s Just Completely Screwed Himself on Obamacare

In what Donald Trump has admitted was a blatant attempt to sabotage Obamacare trying to blackmail Democrats into “helping him fix it,” the White House announced that it’s going to end subsidies for the health care law. The so-called “master negotiator,” as he likes to portray himself, seems to believe that if he ruins the […]

Jimmy Kimmel Crushes Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Over Health Care in Epic Takedown (Video)

Most people reading this are probably aware of the health issues Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son has with his heart; a medical condition that’s already required one surgery, with two more currently planned, according to the late night talk show host. His story gained national attention a few weeks ago when he surprisingly revealed what his […]

Republicans Continue to Beat the Drum for True Universal Health Care in This Country

I try my best to avoid the health care debate when I’m dealing with conservatives. It’s maddening to me how idiotic so many of them are when it comes to this issue in this country. Even when you point out that our life expectancy in the U.S. sits closer to Mexico than it does Canada, and […]

5 Issues Liberals Really Need to Start Caring More About Before It’s Too Late

One of the biggest annoyances I face as a liberal commentator is how difficult it is to get people to care about the things that they need to really care about. Too many issues only become “nationally known” after it’s already too late. And while I don’t begrudge anyone caving in to guilty pleasures, I only ask that […]

New Gallup Poll Crushes Vital Piece of Republican Propaganda Against Obamacare

Years from now, history is going to look back on the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) as a law that befuddles people who weren’t alive when it was first passed. They’ll look back and mock those who levied such blind hatred toward the law much in the same way we do those who stood against […]

The Truth About the Horrible Pre-Obamacare Health Care System Republicans Seem to Love So Much

There’s no way to beat around the bush about this topic: For-profit health care is one of the worst ideas in a long human history of bad ideas. I’m so sick and tired of hearing Republicans whine endlessly about how horrible socialized medicine is. Never mind that basically every industrialized country on the planet has some […]

Jon Stewart Rips Into Republican Hypocrisy Over Saving American Lives (Video)

Jon Stewart has been on fire lately, calling out various degrees of Republican nonsense and hypocrisy. And Thursday night was no different. Stewart tore into Republicans for being absolute hypocrites when it comes to saving American lives on issues that actually kill tens of thousands of Americans every year, like heart disease and guns. He […]

Conservative Criminal Dinesh D’Souza says Obama Prefers Gitmo Prisoners to Veterans

Dinesh D’Souza says that Obama treats Gitmo prisoners better than veterans. In a tweet, the conservative political pundit says, “In Obama’s America, veterans get shafted and Guantanamo inmates get decent health care.” Oh, and D’Souza’s going to jail soon for campaign finance fraud. You may remember Dinesh D’Souza from his stunning political conspiracy theory documentary 2016: Obama’s America. Maybe […]

Many Things In Our Society Shouldn’t Be “For Profit”

I’m sure this article will get plenty of “you’re a socialist” and “communist” comments from right-wingers, but I don’t really care.  Especially when these “insults” come from people who can’t even define the terms they’re using to insult me. But I’ve long maintained that certain areas of our lives shouldn’t be “for profit.”  Now by […]

Conservatives Make Absolute Fools of Themselves After Obama Hammers Them on Marketplace Enrollment

October 1st 2013 was an eventful day for this country.  It was the beginning of the first government shutdown since the mid-90’s and it was when we learned that the website was an absolute disaster.  In the beginning, Republicans were as giddy as children on Christmas morning.  They could hardly contain themselves gloating over […]