Trump’s Too Stupid to Realize He’s Just Completely Screwed Himself on Obamacare

In what Donald Trump has admitted was a blatant attempt to sabotage Obamacare trying to blackmail Democrats into “helping him fix it,” the White House announced that it’s going to end subsidies for the health care law. The so-called “master negotiator,” as he likes to portray himself, seems to believe that if he ruins the […]

Story of a Trump Supporter Who Just Experienced Why For-Profit Health Care Doesn’t Work

I spent some time contemplating if I was going to write this article. While I saw the value in the message, I also felt like I might be exploiting a bad time in a friend’s life just to tell this story. Ultimately, I chose to go ahead and write this because I felt this event […]

Jimmy Kimmel Crushes Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Over Health Care in Epic Takedown (Video)

Most people reading this are probably aware of the health issues Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son has with his heart; a medical condition that’s already required one surgery, with two more currently planned, according to the late night talk show host. His story gained national attention a few weeks ago when he surprisingly revealed what his […]

CBO Report Confirms My Biggest Fear About Trump’s Sabotage of Obamacare

While some folks celebrated Donald Trump and the GOP’s failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), my reaction was far more subdued. I was happy that, at least for that moment, Republicans had failed in their attempt to strip health care away from millions of people and gut Medicaid — but I […]

GOP’s Twitter Account Tries Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All Plan, Fails Miserably

It’s no secret that most Republicans oppose any mention of a single-payer/Medicare-for-All health care plan. Despite the fact that nearly every other major country on Earth has some form of universal health care system in place for its citizens, the vast majority of the GOP is staunchly against ending the for-profit model we have here […]

Rachel Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Trump, GOP’s Repeated Failure on Health Care (Video)

If the millions of people who continue to support Donald Trump and the Republican Party were rational people who cared about facts and reality (most aren’t), then the massive failure that was the GOP’s most recent attempt to “repeal and replace Obamacare” would serve as concrete evidence of what a fraudulent, dishonest, propaganda-driven party they […]

Insurers Write Letter Blasting Ted Cruz’s Attempt to Screw Over Millions of Sick Americans

While most of today’s political news centers around the raging dumpster fire known as the Trump administration, I feel it’s important to remind folks that there are many members of the Republican Party who are every bit as deplorable as “The Donald” — and maybe even worse. Individuals such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), a […]

Pathetic Republican Stunt to Promote Obamacare ‘Horror Stories’ Fails Miserably

When people have to lie about something, that means the facts concerning whatever it is they’re lying about don’t support what they want to be true. For example, the “war” Republicans have waged against Obamacare that’s been mostly based on lies and propaganda. Before Barack Obama even signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Republicans […]

Fox News Host Offers Jaw-Dropping Defense for Stripping Health Care From Millions (Video)

While we all live on the same planet, many times, it seems as if progressives and conservatives live in completely different worlds. There are times where I struggle trying to understand the asinine “logic” many on the right use to justify their ignorance, hate, paranoia, bigotry, racism, and fear. After all, these are the “fiscal […]

Paul Ryan Brags About Trumpcare Giving People a ‘Choice’ to Live or Die (Video)

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the dominant figure in today’s political world. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. That’s bound to happen when a completely incompetent, emotionally unstable buffoon who’s not remotely qualified to be “president” actually gets “elected.” Trump’s awfulness aside, I try to remind people that we can’t ignore the significance of the […]