After Denying Health Insurance To 800k Poor, Florida Lawmakers Want To Reward Themselves With Cheap Insurance

Being that I’m from Texas, I know it might sound a bit hypocritical for me to talk negatively about another state, but at least we didn’t elect a former CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding Medicare out of hundreds of millions of dollars – like Florida Gov. Rick Scott. (For the […]

Rick Perry Makes Ridiculous Claim About Why Texas Leads the Nation in Number of Uninsured Citizens

Whenever I talk about politicians who are absolutely delusional, Rick Perry is usually one of the first examples I use to make my point. This is a man who’s gearing up to run for president for the second time even though he stands absolutely zero chance at winning. I live in Texas and I’ve never heard a single […]

The Corrupt and Crooked Industry Americans Really Need to Start Rebelling Against

In this country you don’t have to venture far to find a debate over what is or isn’t corrupt or what we should or shouldn’t be outraged over. We have pro-choice vs. pro-life; anti-gun vs. pro-gun; pro-gay marriage vs. “traditional” marriage – the list goes on and on. And since the rise of the Internet, […]

On Obamacare, The GOP Cares About Winning – Not Americans

Brace yourself. I know this will come as a shock, but… Republicans really don’t like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it has come to be more commonly known. I know, unthinkable, right? I’m sure they have their reasons. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the President taking their old ideas […]

If You Don’t Think You Need Health Insurance So You See No Reason To Pay For It, Here’s A Story For You

During this whole “health care debate” I’ve had several people tell me that they don’t need health insurance because they never get sick.  I can relate – I’m lucky enough to be one of those same people.  I’ve been sick twice in probably the last 6 or 7 years.  Heck, it might be longer than […]

The Face of the New American Moocher? The Tea Party

Without wanting to come off sounding too much like a politician, I nonetheless want to be clear: I’ve always supported a single payer health care system. Quite frankly, as a progressive, I’m somewhat disappointed with what I believe is reform that not only doesn’t go far enough, but is a massive handout to insurance companies. […]

Will the Delay in the ACA’s Requirements Further Expose the Greed of the Health Insurance Industry?

Following the announcement that President Obama would delay the requirements health care plans must meet under “Obamacare” for at least a year, reactions have been fairly mixed. Of course Republicans are saying it’s just a political move meant to calm the growing anger from Americans who were finding their current health insurance was being cancelled, […]

Fixing “Obamacare” Requirements Really Isn’t That Difficult, Though it’s Far From Perfect

For a few weeks now the big story has been the rough rollout of the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).   Sure, the website was the first major story that got people worked up, but it’s been the story where some individuals have had their current insurance plans cancelled that’s really angered many Americans. The […]

When it Comes to Obamacare, the Media Coverage Has Been Nothing but a Sideshow

I think I’ve had about all I can take as it relates to the media’s coverage of “Obamacare.”  It’s been by far some of the worst, most sensationalized, ratings driven garbage I think I’ve ever witnessed. First, I’m not sure what it is these people thought “Obamacare” was.  Anyone who believed every single insurance plan […]

So You’re Not Able to Keep Your Old Health Insurance Plan? Good. It Was Probably Terrible Anyway

It’s only been a few days since Republicans seized on the news that “broke” about some Americans being unable to keep their current health insurance plan like President Obama said they would be able to. And trust me, I get it.  People don’t like change, especially if that change might end up costing them more […]