Two Million Reasons Why Republicans Look Completely Foolish

It’s a brand new year, but don’t think for a moment that’s going to change anything when it comes to out of control right-wing ignorance.  The elections of 2012 should have taught them that their radical shift in policies doesn’t line up with the feelings of the majority of Americans — but it did not.  In […]

So, a Funny Thing Happened Once the Health Care Website Started Working…

Remember a few weeks back when all Republicans wanted to talk about was the issues plaguing the Affordable Care Act website, You couldn’t turn on a right-wing media outlet — or any conservative media source for that matter — without being blasted endlessly by what amounted to some giddy school kid who was almost […]

Ted Cruz Begins Sad Backtrack on the Importance of ACA Website as Site’s Issues Fade

You had to know that this was coming.  After weeks and weeks of right-wing propaganda pointing to the failures of the Affordable Care Act website as the proof that “Obamacare” is a failure, now that it’s pretty much fixed and working, we’re going to start seeing Republicans minimize the importance of the functionality of the […]

Has Jon Stewart’s Relentless Attack on “Obamacare” Exposed His True Colors?

I can already tell this article is going to get many liberals up in arms.  Well, those who actually read it.  My experience has shown a decent amount of people only seem to read headlines, then make some asinine assumption about the article without reading what’s actually inside.  But I, Allen Clifton (a liberal), dare to question […]

No, Republicans – Glitches Do NOT “Prove Obamacare is a Failure”

The glitches and wide array of issues that the website has experienced since its rollout aren’t acceptable.  It’s been an embarrassment for liberals and an easy tool conservatives have used to point to the “disaster” that is “Obamacare.” But I’ll give Democrats this — at least they’re owning up to the flaws and calling […]

According to Recent Poll, Nearly Half of Americans Unaware “Obamacare” is the Law

Last week I wrote about a poll done in Louisiana that showed nearly one-third of Republicans in that state blamed President Obama for the aftermath following Hurricane Katrina.  A number that was higher than those who blamed President Bush.  Which is pathetically laughable considering Katrina happened over three years before Obama became President. Now comes a poll […]