So, a Funny Thing Happened Once the Health Care Website Started Working…

Remember a few weeks back when all Republicans wanted to talk about was the issues plaguing the Affordable Care Act website, You couldn’t turn on a right-wing media outlet — or any conservative media source for that matter — without being blasted endlessly by what amounted to some giddy school kid who was almost […]

The Newest GOP Tactic Against Obamacare? Fake Websites

There’s a saying that goes, “If you can’t win, cheat like hell” and it’s apparently the motto that the GOP has taken to heart across the country in their latest attempts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. What does their newest attempt involve? Creating fake websites with misinformation that look like state insurance exchanges in […]

Despite Website Fixes, Don’t Expect Media or Republicans to Stop Attacking Obamacare

I’ll admit, I’m worried about what media is going to look like 10 – 20 years from now.  If you look at the decay of quality journalism in just the last few decades for the sake of “breaking the story first” or seizing on which pointless pop culture story can drive the most revenue — […]

Liberals Need to Face Facts, the Health Insurance Marketplace Website is an Absolute Embarrassment

I think of myself as someone who doesn’t base their beliefs on partisan ideology as much as I feel that I just use common sense when giving my opinion on issues.  Granted, I’m obviously a liberal, but I didn’t decide to be one.  I just don’t believe tax cuts create jobs (demand does), I support […]