There’s a Better Way: I’m Running for Congress in South Carolina

A Daughter’s View Like every parent, I love my child beyond words.  I want my young daughter to have the best opportunities in a peaceful, industrious world.  I am running to represent the Second Congressional District of South Carolina because I am confident that our District can emerge from “Status Quo” Joe stagnation and work […]

Exposing the Stupidity of Those Who Oppose Paid Sick Days

While I know you can’t “teach” people to have common sense if they just don’t possess it, I do believe you can try to make people aware of possibly thinking of something in a different way. But when it comes to paid sick days, I just don’t see the logic behind opposing it. As someone […]

The Stunning Number of Americans Who Will Lose Health Insurance if Republicans Get Their Way on Obamacare

Whenever the subject of the Affordable Care Act gets brought up, you’ll undoubtedly hear what seems like an endless stream of nonsense spewing from the mouths of most conservatives. It still amazes me to think that there are literally millions of conservatives in this country benefiting from the Affordable Care Act who support politicians who […]

New Gallup Poll Proves Obamacare’s Overwhelming Effectiveness and How Republicans are Risking Millions of Lives

If you Google the term “Obamacare poll,” you’ll find a seemingly endless list of different polls done over the last few years telling you all sorts of things concerning how people feel about the Affordable Care Act. To be honest, I never pay much attention to any of them. Why?  Well, because many Americans don’t […]

Think Abortion Laws Reduce Abortions? Think Again!

Since Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion activists have done everything they could to pass every restriction possible in order to block a woman’s constitutional right to a safe, legal abortion. Rather than address the root problems behind the need for an abortion, they have instead thrown up legal barrier after legal barrier, which has disproportionately affected […]

I’m Sick of Republicans Lying About the Healthcare System that Saved My Life

“Government healthcare programs everywhere in the world do three things. They promise you the world. They say, oh we’re going to cover everything. Then what they do is they run out of money and they underpay hospitals, doctors, and guess what happens? They don’t want to take care of you. There’s fewer of them, just […]

This is Why Kathleen Sebelius’ Abrupt Resignation is a Brilliant Move by the Obama Administration

I’ll admit when I first heard the news that Kathleen Sebelius was resigning, I was disappointed.  The first thought that went through my mind was, “Great, now Republicans can use this to ratchet up their propaganda.”  But I reminded myself that knee-jerk reactions are usually wrong, and I thought about it a little more. Then suddenly […]

The Coke Bottle that Fell from the Sky, Hit an Antichrist & Felled a Planet

Sometimes you just have to take a step back from reality. Kind of like Ken Ham and his Creationist minions.  (You see, there’s this book.) Last Sunday, more than 112 million citizens of the United States of America—more than one-third of the total population—huddled around television sets to watch men in orange and royal blue […]

Republicans Throwing a Fit Over “Obamacare” Issues are Blaming the Wrong People

Today marks the last day of November, which of course means it’s also the day President Obama said the issues with would be fixed. Just for the record, after being slammed for not being fully honest about Americans being able to keep their current health insurance plans, promising the American people that the issues […]

The Face of the New American Moocher? The Tea Party

Without wanting to come off sounding too much like a politician, I nonetheless want to be clear: I’ve always supported a single payer health care system. Quite frankly, as a progressive, I’m somewhat disappointed with what I believe is reform that not only doesn’t go far enough, but is a massive handout to insurance companies. […]