Heritage Foundation Website: Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To More Abortions

Normally I don’t give a random conservative websites a whole lot of attention because if I did, I could write countless articles mocking the absolute absurdity that I see on these sites every single day. Anyone who’s ever visited sites like Drudge Report or Conservative Tribune (a site that literally just makes up “news”) knows exactly what I’m talking […]

Right Wingers Unhappy Students Don’t Care About Benghazi

As classes were finishing up at George Mason University recently, an intrepid insipid conservative media reporter lurched at them with questions about Pharrell Williams and Benghazi to demonstrate just how inept relevant scholars are. In other words, once again contemporary conservatism’s anti-intellectualism has come to bite them in the ass. The first question, “Who made […]

Watch: Bill Nye Debates S.E. Cupp on Climate Change, Embarrassment Ensues

Bill Nye has quickly skyrocketed to being one of the most well known individuals willing to debate just about anyone who tries to deny proven scientific facts.  And while I have the utmost respect for him, and greatly admire what he’s trying to do, sometimes he’s just too nice and respectful for his own good. […]

Conservative Media Completely Ignores CBO Report Showing ACA to Cost LESS Than Expected

Sometimes I run across such ridiculousness from the conservative media that I should be outraged, but all I can do is laugh.  That’s exactly what happened when I saw the news that the CBO came out with a report which actually showed the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) will cost less than previous estimates. Nothing much else […]

The Republican Ten Commandments

I hold a firm belief that religion and politics should never be mixed.  These are two subjects that by themselves are controversial enough, let alone mixing them together.  Our Founding Fathers knew this, which is probably why they didn’t use the word “Christianity” even once in our Constitution.  Our First Amendment clearly states that, “Congress […]

Far-Right Conservative Groups Now Admitting That They Want to Hijack GOP for Radical Agenda

For a while now most liberals have been well aware of the fact that the tea party is nothing more than a tool used by far-right conservative groups to manipulate the Republican party, and by result, our government.  Though at first the tea party tried to masquerade as some “grassroots” movement of ordinary Americans sick […]

Ted Cruz: ‘We Need A Hundred More’ Senators Like Racist Bigot Jesse Helms

When a Texas senator publicly says we need 100 racists in the United States Senate, that will catch my attention real quick. And that’s exactly what Ted Cruz said while speaking at the Heritage Foundation. During his speech, Cruz recalled — and bragged — about how the first political donation in his life was sent to the late […]