Ben Carson Is Now Making Up Fake News Headlines About Himself

Republican presidential front-runner Ben Carson has been under a lot of scrutiny recently for claims he’s made in the past, including the one that he was offered a full scholarship to West Point. He’s also made claims to have stabbed a friend and attacked his mother with a hammer, all as part of what seems […]

This Is Why Donald Trump Is So Popular With The GOP

Donald Trump is rising quickly in Republican primary polling, and while many people are scratching their heads and wondering why he’s so popular in the GOP right now, the answer to that is really quite simple. Donald Trump is yet another political celebrity who can say whatever he wants without fear of losing the nomination, […]

Jon Stewart Dismantles The Idea That Bernie Sanders Is An Unelectable ‘Kook’ (Video)

Before Senator Bernie Sanders even formally announced his campaign for president, he was dismissed by many as “unelectable” or “too radical,” especially since he openly calls himself a “socialist” – a term Republicans have been incorrectly applying to President Obama who’s actually closer to a centrist Republican than they would like to admit. People have […]

Right-Wing Christians Angered By Obama’s Comparison Of ISIS To The Crusades

Once upon a time, there were a series of religious wars waged by Christians against Muslims in what is today Syria, Lebanon and Israel. For nearly two hundred years between 1095 and 1291, these military actions known as crusades attempted to drive the Muslim occupants out of what European Christians believed to be the Holy […]

Delusional Mitt Romney Seriously Thinks He Has A Chance In 2016

President Mitt Romney? Gee, didn’t he get the memo last time that the majority of voters didn’t want him to be in the Oval Office, or is this just the new fad for billionaires? The Republican 2016 clown car is already idling in the driveway and the potential riders are starting to line up for […]

Ben Carson Ludicrously Defends Comparing U.S. To Nazi Germany

It’s obvious that Dr. Ben Carson has no problem with Reductio ad Hitlerum, or “playing the Nazi card.” It’s sadly a tried and true method of political debate these days, both with liberals and conservatives, in which Godwin’s Law comes into play very quickly. Yes, liberals far too often make the comparison between their political […]

Conservative Dennis Prager Asks ‘Who’s Racist?’ and Fails

Conservative pundit Dennis Prager is probably the whitest person I’ve ever seen. That doesn’t make him a racist, but it certainly doesn’t give him authority to take over a conversation defining racism. And given his arguments about voting restrictions and Herman Cain (among others), it’s safe to say that Prager trying to pin racism on […]

The GOP Continues to Perpetuate Racism by Supporting Absurd Black Candidates

It always baffles me how Republicans can act so clueless as to why they can’t appeal to black voters. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the reasoning. Ever since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” Republicans have purposefully tried to secure the white vote by using manipulative tactics to perpetuate stereotypes against minorities. They’ve mastered […]