Chris Cuomo Has Perfect Response When Kellyanne Conway Once Again Brings Up Clinton (Video)

Even though we’re over a year into Trump’s “presidency,” and 18 months removed from the 2016 election, this “president” still constantly bring up the names of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, much to the delight of the conservative media. It’s sad — and sometimes rather comical — watching a “president” continue to talk about an […]

Latest Conservative Attempt to Undermine Russia Investigation Fails Spectacularly

Another day, another attempt by conservatives to undermine the on-going FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and whether or not it colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. This time it was based on a report from The Hill’s John Solomon — a favorite of Fox News’ Sean Hannity — which alleged that former Australian […]

Robert Mueller is Asking Witnesses What Trump Knew About Stolen Emails

A rather stunning, though not that surprising, report by NBC News reveals that special counselor Robert Mueller is asking witnesses what they know concerning whether or not Donald Trump knew that Democratic emails were stolen prior to their public release. From NBC News: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is asking witnesses pointed questions about whether Donald […]

Kellyanne Conway Absurdly Claims Trump is ‘Forced’ to Talk About Clinton, Doesn’t Care About Her (Video)

We’re truly living in strange times where rules no longer seem to matter, indisputable reality is often called “fake news,” and we have a “presidential administration” that is, without a doubt, the most inept and incompetent in our nation’s history. It’s also a time where it’s apparently acceptable for a fool like Kellyanne Conway to claim […]

Here’s the Real Reason Why Trump Wants the DOJ Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Let me just start off by saying this: there’s absolutely no way Hillary Clinton will ever be sent to prison. Donald Trump, Fox News, and the GOP all know this. Not because there’s zero possibility that something potentially criminal in some way might ultimately be linked to her private email server, but because even if […]

Let Me Explain Why Hillary Clinton’s Critics Can’t Move On

Here we are, a year after Hillary Clinton “lost” to Donald Trump in last year’s election, and she’s still being talked about nearly every single day. What’s even worse is that she’s still in the headlines, not concerning anything new, but because her critics are bringing up stories we’ve already discussed to use against her — […]

Simple Math Still Proves the Democratic Primary Wasn’t Rigged Against Sanders

Once again, here we are faced with another “Hillary Clinton scandal” that, once you actually look at the facts, isn’t what many people are claiming it is. While many have said that Donna Brazile’s new book “proves Clinton rigged the primary against Sanders,” that’s not what the former interim DNC chair said. As reported by […]

Dear Fox News: Hillary Clinton Isn’t President. She Lost. Move On. Get Over It.

A person would be forgiven if they were to watch several hours of Fox News coverage and think Hillary Clinton was currently president. Based upon how often her name is mentioned on American’s most-watched conservative entertainment network, it’s easy to see why someone might be confused. As Fox News has gone into overtime trying to […]

So You Think It Was Hillary Clinton, Not Trump, Who Colluded with Russia. Congrats, You’re an Idiot

With Robert Mueller’s investigation clearly getting closer to finding out the truth about Donald Trump and his campaign’s involvement with Russia during last year’s election, it’s not exactly surprising to see the current “president” and his supporters grasping at straws while trying to create as many distractions as possible. Though I will say, pushing the idea […]

Here’s Why Trump, Fox News Claiming Clinton Colluded With Russia Makes Absolutely No Sense

As much as I’d like to have respect for most Republican voters, it’s incredibly difficult based upon what I see from so many of them. For instance, the renewed push to scandalize the Obama administration approving a deal that allowed Russia to buy Canadian-based company Uranium One in 2010. The reason the previous administration had […]