Rand Paul Shamelessly Links Bernie Sanders To Genocides Throughout History

Rand Paul’s campaign is faring poorly these days, sitting at just 4% in Republican primary polling. Much to the chagrin of libertarian-leaning Republicans who were sure that Rand Paul was proof their ideas would finally break out into the mainstream of party politics, it seems like hardly anyone is taking him seriously. It’s certainly no […]

If Creationists Want to Consider the Bible a Science Book, Then It’s Time to Start Taxing Churches

I’ve never been very outspoken on the subject of churches and the shield they receive from the burden of having to pay taxes.  Though it’s definitely a subject that brings out quite the feverish debate.  Then again this is a debate that’s been created by those religious folks who seem to obsess over their desires […]

Science, Math and History vs. the Conservative Hypocritical Delusion About Religion

Hi, I’m Allen, and I’m a Christian.  I’m also a Christian who believes in science, math, history and reality.  Yes, Christians who believe in those things do exist.  In fact, there are millions of Christians who believe in all of those things. We’re able to decipher the difference between faith, science, history, math and reality. […]

Even Ben Franklin Agreed — The Constitution Isn’t All That, But We Are

The other day, after finally finishing a string of blog posts and needing to chill out and catch up on videos over the wifi at Dunkin Donuts, I caught an interview of Colin Quinn on The Daily Show. Quinn, a comic and former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update host, was on the show to promote […]