Ben Carson Insults Holocaust Victims By Suggesting Guns Would Have Saved Them

After the Oregon shooting, presidential candidate Ben Carson stated that he would have refused to be a victim of gun violence and rushed the shooter instead, as one student did unsuccessfully. He later claimed that he once had a gun shoved in his side during a robbery attempt at a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant in Baltimore about […]

Texas State Sen. Charles Perry Says Separation Of Church And State Is Like The Holocaust

In politics, few things are more ridiculous than comparing your political opponents to Hitler or the Nazis. Whether you’re a liberal, conservative, libertarian or anything else, nothing says hyperbole like proving Godwin’s Law right off the bat. This is a problem with all political movements, especially when you’re catering to low-information voters and screaming about […]

What Would Hitler Do?: The Politics of Nana-Nana-Boo-Boo

a political public service announcement Odds are by now some of your politically-obsessed family members and friends have done it.  Hank Williams Jr. did it.  Arizona State Representative Brenda Barton sure the hell did it.  She not only did it, but stands by her decision to do it!  All of these Tweeting numskulls have done […]