Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Wines and Dines all the Presidential Elephants

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Thank you for joining me this evening at Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Room.  I realize everyone is surprised to see one another again so soon after that grueling Charleston debate.  Governor Christie, now-now, no stink-eye stare at Dr. Carson.  Here, have some North Carolina osetra imperial caviar before you gobble […]

Poll: 61 Percent Of Americans Accept Gay Rights And Even A Gay President

Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and other Republicans who could get the Republican nomination in 2016 will be sailing into the wind of popular opinion during the general election when it comes to their opposition to gay rights. A new poll from the Washington Post shows that more Americans are comfortable with the idea of a […]

Extremely Homophobic Archbishop Being Investigated for Sexual Relationships with Men

Tell me if you’ve heard this story before: An extremely vocal anti-gay advocate being caught, or accused of, having homosexual relationships. Well that’s the case with Archbishop John Nienstedt of Minnesota, who’s now under investigation for “allegations that he had a series of sexual relationships with priests, seminarians and other men.” I know, you’re stunned. And, of course, […]

Perry and Santorum: Being Gay Can Be Fixed Like Alcoholism

Moral (or immoral) Conservatives act as if the most pressing needs of the day are who gets into whose pants and what can be done to put an end to this pantsing? An old argument among conservatives and a continuing one among the religious right is that gay and other non-hetero people can be “fixed”, […]

Michael Sam Gets Drafted Into The NFL, Bigots Lose Their Minds

Michael Sam is now a St. Louis Ram. The SEC Defensive Player of the Year was a 7th round draft pick, and watching his reaction to “the call” is joyous. You may be asking yourself why conservatives care about Michael Sam. He’s a football player, a really big (6’2″, 260 pounds), really cute football player, so […]

An Open Letter to Phil Robertson

Dear Phil Robertson, On many a Wednesday night, we’ll flip on over to “Duck Dynasty” on A&E during dinner – but no more. You see, while I’m a Southerner who owns guns and loves the outdoors, I’m also a firm believer in gay rights and oppose hate speech. While I’m sure most members of the […]

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty and Why His Suspension Isn’t an Attack on Free Speech

Oh man, the moment I saw this story I just knew people were going to flip out.  The extremely popular show Duck Dynasty had one of its popular cast members suspended for remarks he made during an interview with GQ magazine.  Many are calling Phil Robertson’s comments “homophobic,” but at the very least they were […]

Navy Sailors Fight Back Against Homophobia

Yesterday, one of my other admins shared this picture on my page, Politically Preposterous, that was originally posted by the U.S. Navy. As you can see, it’s of a Navy sailor proposing to his boyfriend. The caption on the picture was: “The five things that you need to know about the Department of Defense (DOD)’s plan to extend […]

California Moves Forward on Trans* Rights, Far Right Freaks Out

Under a headline lamenting the “tragic” use of California gubmint intervention in keeping trans* kids safe, World Net Daily (the cool kids call it World Nut Daily, or WingNut Daily) announced the historic news as, “Your Government at Work: California Governor signs transgender-student bill: Lets kids choose which bathrooms, locker rooms they use.” We can […]

I Used To Be A Homophobe

It’s true, I used to be a bit of a homophobe. When you’re a geeky teenager who was raised in a very conservative family and struggled to even get to second base at age 16, that’s kind of par for the course. Eventually, I grew out of it. Real world experiences led me to realize that […]