The Top 5 Politicians I Would Like To See Indicted Besides Rick Perry

It was announced yesterday that Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted on two felony charges. One was for coercion of a public servant, the other for abuse of official capacity. In a nutshell, these charges stem from threatening to slash funding for a prosecutor’s office that investigated public corruption if the person overseeing it didn’t […]

Paul Ryan Gives Absolutely Laughable Reason for Not Watching Political Drama ‘House of Cards’

I’m sure most people by now have heard of the popular Netflix show House of Cards.  I’ll be honest, I got addicted to it this past February.  I burned through both seasons in about a week.  That’s kind of the downside to Netflix, it’s far too easy to “binge watch” some of your favorite shows. The […]

What “House of Cards” Has Shown Me About the Insatiable Nature of Humans

I must admit, I’m a big fan of the Netflix political drama House of Cards.  That’s something I couldn’t have said to you 3 weeks ago because I hadn’t watched a single episode.  That’s usually how it goes for me.  Rarely am I an “early adopter,” so to speak, when it comes to television shows. […]