Exposing Facts About Fanatical ‘Pro-Bernie Sanders’ Blogger H.A. Goodman

If you followed the Democratic primary at all, odds are you’ve seen at least one article written by a person named H.A. Goodman. Over the last year, Goodman has spammed the Internet with around 156 articles (I actually went through his archives and counted them) and several videos, either “in support” of Sanders or bashing Clinton. That […]

Meet the Type of Liberal Who’s Going to Hand Republicans the White House in 2016

In my time in politics, I’ve read plenty of articles where someone tries to analyze data to make a point, only to fail miserably. My rule tends to be that people who don’t know how to read polls (or understand when they should be taken seriously) really shouldn’t try to analyze them. This brings me to an […]

Cop Block And Anti-Government Extremists Are Using Liberals To Undermine Law Enforcement

After writing the recent fact-check of Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown’s remarks which were taken out of context, I got a lot of blowback from people who accused me of being a law enforcement “boot-licker” and other unprintable remarks. This was especially evident in a long-winded, angry email that I received from the person […]

A Simple Explanation Showing How Facebook is Destroying Credible Journalism and News

Facebook is an easy target to bash – and rightfully so on a lot of levels.  They claim they’re all about the user experience, yet it seems with every one of their updates users become less and less satisfied with their service.  But much like Walmart, as much as people complain about it, they still […]

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and the politics of stupid

You know who talks about Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh far more than Fox News or even Sarah Palin herself? Who jumps on the stupid remarks made by Fox News pundits and broadcasts on every social media site and on our TV sets on a daily basis? That would be us, the liberal media. Whether […]

Has Reddit Gone Too Far? Moderators Banning Popular Political Blogs They Deem “Bad Journalism”

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert on Reddit.  Aside from when one of our articles picks up some traffic from the website, or when someone pointed me in their direction, I’ve never really paid much attention to the site. Though I do work with people who are very familiar with Reddit […]

What do Miley Cyrus, Males Exposing Themselves in Public and Syria Have in Common?

On any given week there are any number of popular headlines that will circulate around major media sites and the blogosphere.  Most vanish into oblivion while a handful seem to be featured on nearly every sort of media site imaginable. This week’s big news seems to be: Miley Cyrus and what she did Miley Cyrus […]

The Onion Obliterates CNN’s Obsessive Miley Cyrus Coverage, Exposes Bigger Issues

In quite possibly one of the greatest articles I have ever read, The Onion not only destroyed CNN’s ridiculous coverage of the VMA’s and whatever Miley Cyrus did on stage (I still don’t know what she actually did—because I simply don’t care), they also went after the real cause of the almost complete disappearance of […]