Pastor Pillow Pulpit Special: Jesus Slips on a Banana Peel, Joel Osteen Laughs All the Way to the Bank

Pastor Pillow here! First, our apologies for the huge mess around here.  I swear all this dust is from sheetrock, not pet coke. The Christian Right Weekly Round-Up is in the middle of major construction the next few weeks. We’ve taken the lead of Prosperity Gospel moguls Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland and have decided […]

John McCain’s Old Fashioned Words for Public Speaking

John McCain is many things. A ranking United States senator, a twice-failed presidential candidate, the reason we have Half-Governor Sarah Palin, and most recently, a cheerleader for aggression against Vladimir Putin. Senator McCain has always struck me as the kind of man who stands on his porch on Halloween wearing an American flag tee shirt, […]