Texas Man Ends Up in Hospital After Bullet Meant to Kill “Defenseless” Animal Hits Him in Head

Normally this wouldn’t be something I would write about, but this was just too hilarious to pass up. Plus it combined two things about which I’m passionate: Defending animals and mocking idiots with guns. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never understand people who kill animals for “joy” or “sport.” If someone wants to […]

The Dangerous and Idiotic Obsession Millions of Americans Have with Guns Has to Stop

I’m a firm believer in the right for every American to own a gun for self defense; in fact, I own one myself. That being said, how many guns and how many bullets do we need to defend ourselves from criminals? In the average Americans lifetime, how often will they fire a gun in self defense? […]

A Canned Hunt for Charity: Featuring Ted Nugent

You may recall that two years or so ago, Ted Nugent, the man who literally shat his pants to get out of Vietnam and adopted a teenage girl so he could have sex with her, told an NRA crowd that he would be dead or in jail if President Obama was reelected. Guess what? President […]