There’s a Better Way: Infrastructure Investment Paves the Way for Prosperity

This time last year, the rain fell.  And fell.  And fell. The floodgates burst, and South Carolina found itself facing an historic 1,000-Year Flood catastrophe—and the consequences of a decade-plus of Infrastructure neglect under Congressman Joe Wilson. The world watched, as many parts of South Carolina’s Second Congressional District became flood-ravaged lakes following breaches to […]

Ted Cruz Voted Against Sandy Relief, But Now Demands Federal Aid After Texas Floods (VIDEO)

There’s a bit of good news for Texas as it looks like the torrential rains and subsequent flooding may hopefully be coming to an end soon. The bad news is that you still have Ted Cruz and John Cornyn as your senators. Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the country doesn’t mind sending you […]

The Latest Accusation Against Chris Christie Might Be the Most Damning Yet

Things just keep getting worse for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  If the bridge scandal wasn’t bad enough, now he’s being accused of withholding Hurricane Sandy relief funds in an attempt to blackmail the mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is alleging that Governor Christie has withheld relief funds in an attempt […]

Rand Paul Displays His Absolute Hypocrisy While Attacking the Use of Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds

It seems all the attention Texas Senator Ted Cruz received during the government shutdown has made Kentucky Senator Rand Paul a little jealous.  After all, he got very little attention throughout the whole ordeal, so it seems Mr. Paul is determined to put his name back in the headlines. At least for things other than […]

Republican Who Voted Against Sandy Relief Spends Eve of Storm’s Anniversary Fundraising in New York

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has made quite the name for himself.  Unfortunately, most of what he’s made headlines for recently has been negative. A great example came Monday when he was in New York City speaking at the New York Young Republicans Club, at a fundraising event, on the eve of the anniversary of Hurricane […]

Rand Paul Mocks Hurricane Sandy Victims, Eliminates Any Chance at a Presidential Bid

There are inappropriate statements, there are disgusting statements—and then there’s what Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said while responding to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s comments about Paul’s “dangerous brand of libertarianism.” A few days ago Governor Christie made comments attacking Paul’s brand of libertarianism.  Christie called it dangerous, and challenged Paul’s positions on our national security—essentially […]

Facepalm: Governor Chris Christie Does Epic Flip-Flop on Climate Change

If your name is Chris Christie, you should probably acknowledge that climate change is real. The idea that someone who is the governor of a state ravaged by a hurricane like Sandy, you’d think that environmental causes would shoot straight to the top of your short list of things to get done in your term. Instead, […]

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, You’re a Grade A Hypocrite. Love, A Pissed Off New Yorker.

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, Maybe I am a little late on sending you this letter, considering it was now 4 days ago that you requested federal aid for West, Texas following a fertilizer plant explosion. But, I feel there are a few things I need to say to you in regards to this matter. I am […]