Confronting Ignorance: Suicide Has Nothing to do with Being a ‘Coward’ or ‘Selfish’

Initially I hadn’t planned on writing anything concerning the tragic death of Robin Williams. What could honestly be said that wasn’t already known?  But as I saw more and more comments from people calling his act “selfish” or “cowardly,” I’ll be honest – I got angry. The last straw was a comment someone had left on […]

Ignorance is Bred From Insecurity, and Republicans are Full of Both

During a discussion I had with a friend, they said something that I took with me and thought a lot about once I had gotten home.  They said radicalism, ignorance and judgement is often bred from insecurity and fear.  That often the most anti-gay people you meet are those who never associate with homosexuals.  That’s […]

Poll: 1 in 4 Americans Don’t Know the Earth Revolves Around Sun and a Few Other Things

Does anyone remember the game show that was on about a decade or so ago called Street Smarts?  The basic premise was that they’d randomly ask people on the street questions and the contestants in the studio had to determine whether or not the person answered correctly. You’ve seen late night talk shows do something […]