Republican House Candidate Makes Outrageous Statement About Illegal Immigration (Video)

The topic of what we should do in this country about illegal immigration often sparks quite the heated debate. While most Americans agree that something needs to be done, there’s clearly a huge gap between many of us on exactly what we should do. On one side we have those who support a sensible path […]

The Simple Truth About Amnesty Conservatives Don’t Want to Acknowledge

The topic of immigration has been making the headlines for weeks now.  It’s a topic that’s taken us back to our original debates about sensible immigration reform and, of course, amnesty. See, “amnesty” is what many conservatives claim is driving illegal immigrants to come to our borders.  Though I’d argue that it’s the law that […]

Lawless Texas “Militias” Patrolling Border, Threatening Illegal Immigrants They Encounter with Death

Lunacy is apparently breaking out on the Texas border. Apparently around 10 “teams” of these clowns who like to call themselves members of “organized militias” (when in reality all they are is a bunch of guys who couldn’t outgrow playing with their G.I. Joe’s) have been “patrolling” along the Texas border looking for illegal immigrants. […]

Proof That Illegal Immigration Was Worse Under Ronald Reagan Than It Is Under President Obama

According to Fox News, and pretty much any conservative you run across, President Obama has refused to enforce our immigration laws which has led to a record number of illegal immigrants rushing to our borders. Of course that statement sounds troubling – and it would be – except the facts simply don’t support it. Currently, President […]

Texas Conservative Group Organizing “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” Game

It’s amazing to me how often I read stories pertaining to something conservatives are saying or doing where I have to make sure it’s not some kind of satire.  It’s a true testament to how absurd the Republican party has really become. Case in point, the story I ran across where the Young Conservatives at […]