Republican Candidate for Governor of Illinois Wants to Shut Down State, Fire Union Members

Illinois Republicans and more-money-than-God have spoken and they want billionaire Bruce Rauner to be the next governor in one of the largest and bluest states in the Union. Which is scary considering that Rauner wants to shut down the entire state and fire all union members – at least according to video’d talks he’s given […]

Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Scandal: Gay Sex, Threats and Abuse of Taxpayer Funds

Our nation is never at a loss when it comes to political scandals.  Many are nothing more than events or comments taken out of context in an attempt to slander whomever might be the opposition.  While many things might be referred to as a “political scandal,” they are definitely not all created equal. Well, a […]

Marijuana vs. Guns: The Ridiculous Illinois Attack on Our Second Amendment Rights

Most people are well aware that I’m an advocate for sensible gun regulations.  The keyword in that sentence being “sensible.”  Often misconstrued in the rhetoric of the “gun debate” is that people who support regulations on guns are somehow anti-Second Amendment.  A belief which isn’t true at all.  I believe in universal background checks for […]