California Man and His Family Receive Death Threats After Taking in Immigrant Family (Video)

No matter how you feel about the immigration crisis we’re currently facing with thousands of immigrants from Central and South America flooding our border, the vile way in which many have behaved toward these human beings has been appalling. Take for instance a local California businessman who received death threats after he took in an immigrant […]

Hateful Protests Erupt After Texas Republican Calls for ‘Compassion’ for Immigrant Children

Texas Tea party Republican state Rep. David Simpson faced the wrath of some of his constituents on Wednesday because he dared to suggest that we might want to show a little “compassion” toward these immigrant children who continue to flee dangerous situations in Central and South America. Because nothing says “good Christian values” quite like harboring blind […]

Fox News Host Ridiculously Tries to Claim Obama Planned Immigration Crisis (Video)

Another day, another pathetic right-wing conspiracy about President Obama.  I’ve honestly forgotten more of these asinine conspiracies than I can even remember.  Pretty much if something negative is going on in this country (or the world for that matter), according to conservatives, it’s always President Obama’s fault. Take for instance Jeanine Pirro’s recent comments on […]

Michele Bachmann Uses Rape to Stir Up Fear About Immigration Crisis (Video)

While I’ve dealt with several online, I’ve never actually met someone face to face who voted for Michele Bachmann.  But one of these days I really want to.  I need to see firsthand the type of individual who would actually vote for this clown.  Because while there are worse politicians (though not by much), she’s […]

Reality Check: Republicans Actually Love the Immigration Crisis at Our Border

You can’t turn the news on nowadays without hearing about the thousands of immigrant children that have traveled here from Central and South America seeking asylum.  Check out any conservative media outlet and all you’ll see is Republican after Republican blaming President Obama for this entire situation. Blatantly ignoring the fact that law determining how […]