After His Embarrassing Tweet on Sunday, It’s Clear Donald Trump Has No Idea What DACA Is

While it’s not exactly “breaking news” to find out that Donald Trump doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about, simply because this “president” is an incompetent moron, that doesn’t mean we should ignore or excuse his stupidity. Such as Easter Sunday when Trump decided to go on a multiple-tweet rant on immigration, only to […]

Here’s a Guide to Help Explain What DREAMers are to Conservatives

While the phrase “DREAMer” has been thrown around a lot here lately, in my experience, a lot of people don’t know what terms like this actually mean — especially conservatives. The other day I messaged five different conservative friends of mine to ask them if they could explain to me what a DREAMer was. Unsurprisingly, […]

Facts About the ‘Diversity Lottery’ Trump, Republicans Don’t Want People to Know

I’ll be honest, before the recent terrorist attack in New York City, I didn’t know a great deal about the “diversity lottery” for immigration. Passed in 1990, it’s a measure aimed at trying to encourage immigration from countries whose citizens don’t normally immigrate to the United States. The individuals are then selected randomly and offered […]

Trump’s New Immigration Policy is Centered Around Blatant Racism and Bigotry – Period

Along with being the most incompetent “president” ever “elected” in United States history, Donald Trump has ushered in a wave of racism, bigotry, and white nationalism unlike anything we’ve seen in this country in decades. This is a man who launched his campaign by vilifying Mexican immigrants as mostly “rapists and criminals,” who then fueled […]

New Poll Proves How Damaging Donald Trump Is To The GOP

Despite the predictions of many political pundits, Donald Trump still hasn’t crashed and burned like Herman Cain did right around this time in 2011. With every insult to minorities or disabled people, it seems like his support only intensifies. That may be beneficial to Trump, but it’s extremely damaging to the Republican Party. Whether Donald […]

Sensing Opportunity, Donald Trump’s Opponents Start Ramping Up Attacks

In spite of Donald Trump’s increasingly rabid campaign rallies and claims that have been debunked by fact checkers across the country, there is no sign of his popularity declining any time soon. Whether you’re on the left or an establishment Republican, Trump’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination should be concerning. He has managed to […]

While Many Americans Freak Out About Syrian Refugees, Canada Is Welcoming Them

In the wake of recent ISIS/Daesh terrorist attacks, much of the American public has had a collective freakout and demanded that the United States not accept Syrian refugees. Republican presidential candidates have also seized on this rash of paranoia, and Congress has passed legislation that has called for even stricter scrutiny of people who already […]

President Obama Mocks Republicans For Paranoia Over Syrian Refugees

Almost anywhere you go in this country, especially in rural areas, you’re bound to see cars and trucks with decals celebrating guns and slogans talking a big game about standing up to terrorism. A couple of days ago, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins declared that terrorists were unlikely to target the South because of […]

Ted Cruz Gets Called Out On CNN For His Hypocrisy On Syrian Immigrants

One of the biggest opponents of immigration, especially when it comes to Syrian refugees, has been GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Along with other conservative pundits and politicians, he has made a big deal out of the possibility that Islamic terrorists could somehow slip through the screening and launch attacks here in the United States. […]

President Obama Blasts Republican Hypocrisy On Syrian Immigrants

Republicans and conservative media have had a field day with fear-mongering about terrorism in the wake of the attacks in Paris. A number of Republican governors have announced that they would try to block the federal government’s plan to give asylum to 10,000 Syrian immigrants in the United States over the next year, and right-wing […]