Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Has A Plan To ‘Make America Great Again’

While Republican presidential candidates are stoking the fears of conservative voters, Bernie Sanders is proposing real ideas to fix the problems facing our country. Bernie Sanders was in Nevada earlier this week and spoke in an interview where he laid out the issues America faces, like income inequality and the high cost of going to […]

Bernie Sanders Could Be Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year

Until Bernie Sanders exploded into the 2016 presidential campaign, the common consensus was that the race would come down to Hillary Clinton facing off against Jeb Bush in the general election. While Hillary Clinton still leads many Democratic polls, Jeb Bush has struggled to gain any traction in the Republican field which has been dominated […]

Louisiana Is The Perfect Example Of Conservative Policies Gone Horribly Wrong

Here in Louisiana, nearly half of registered voters are Democrats. In many other states across the South, similar statistics hold true, but these states are solidly in the hands of conservative Republicans. Some of these voters are older Democrats who may still be registered with the party, yet they vote for Republicans in statewide and […]

Pope Francis Tells Catholic Clergy: Take In Refugees, Or Pay Taxes Like Everyone Else

Pope Francis will be visiting the United States starting next Tuesday, and if his remarks to Catholic religious orders are any indication, his speech to Congress is sure to ruffle a few political feathers. Since Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope in 2013 and took the name Francis, he has angered many conservative Catholics and […]

The Rise Of Bernie Sanders Shows Shifting Views on Socialism in America

If you ask an older person if they are familiar with Bernie Sanders, chances are they may not know who he is. However, if you ask a younger voter, chances are they will not only know who he is, but they are supporting him. By the way, Bernie Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist, and […]

Here Is Bernie Sanders’ Simple But Effective Plan To Win The White House

While some say Bernie Sanders is a long shot to win the Democratic nomination (let alone the general election), he has a plan to win it all. This strategy isn’t a new idea, but it is one that Democrats have abandoned in recent years, and it has proven disastrous. In 2010, Republicans took control of […]

One Simple Stat Puts Into Perspective Just How Bad Income Inequality Has Become

In this country there’s been a whole lot of talk over the last few years about income inequality. It’s rather curious because, depending on who you ask, it seems everyone has a completely different opinion about what “income inequality” actually means. For Democrats and progressives,┬áit’s about the rich becoming richer at the expense of everyone […]

The Baltimore Protests Aren’t Just About Race, They’re About Income Inequality

Whenever a national conversation comes up about race as we are seeing currently with the Baltimore protests, there will inevitably be people who try to derail the dialogue and make the disingenuous claims that there’s an incredible amount of racism and prejudice aimed at white folks as well. These people will bring up anecdotal claims […]

Jeb Bush Displays His Stupidity While Discussing Income Inequality and the Minimum Wage (Video)

People who oppose the minimum wage are some of the most detestable individuals in this country. When someone tries to tell me that having a minimum wage hurts job creation and worsens income inequality, I instantly feel my blood begin to boil. That argument, in my opinion, is stupidity in its purest form. And it’s […]

Raising Taxes On The Rich Shouldn’t Be A Political Issue, It’s Good Economic Sense

President Obama has proposed raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans by targeting the money that is passed down through inheritance. Naturally, Republicans are not happy about the idea and will undoubtedly block the proposal at every turn, despite the fact that President Obama’s plan is touted as beneficial to the middle class, a group that […]