The Face of the New American Moocher? The Tea Party

Without wanting to come off sounding too much like a politician, I nonetheless want to be clear: I’ve always supported a single payer health care system. Quite frankly, as a progressive, I’m somewhat disappointed with what I believe is reform that not only doesn’t go far enough, but is a massive handout to insurance companies. […]

Conservatives: When it Comes to Eliminating the Individual Mandate, You Have No Idea What You’re Talking About

Since its inception, one of the main talking points against the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) Republicans have used is the “evil” individual mandate.  They claim the individual mandate is big government run amok and it’ll destroy our health care industry. Both claims, of course, are absolutely absurd.  I’ve never known a business model where more business […]

The Individual Mandate? It’s Actually A Conservative Idea, About Personal Responsibility

My colleague Allen Clifton wrote a piece which debunks some of the myths surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and the comments I saw by some of the readers (many of which seem to be paid trolls) have convinced me of one thing — despite every fact you give people, many will still hold on to […]