In Profanity-Filled Rant, Alex Jones Comically Weeps, Calls Trump a ‘Fraud’ (Video)

If you’ve heard of Alex Jones then you’re likely well aware that he’s a bottom-feeding, raving lunatic and con artist who’s never met a conspiracy he didn’t like. I don’t hesitate to say that I absolutely believe someone has to be legitimately crazy in order to view Jones as a credible source of information. Jones […]

Alex Jones Unleashes Absolutely Insane Rant Against ‘Demon Spawn’ CNN’s Brian Stelter (Video)

Of all the many things on this Earth that mystify me, the fact that there are people who view Alex Jones as a credible source of information is definitely one of them. While I understand that there have always been a lot of mentally unstable people out there prone to believing all sorts of legitimately […]

Keep an Eye Out for This Trick the Conservative Media is Using to Prop Up Trump

The vast majority of what’s considered the “modern day conservative media” is an absolute joke. To think that millions of people (including the “president”) view websites like Breitbart, Drudge, and InfoWars as credible and legitimate news sites is a rather disheartening, and dangerous, realization. Long gone are the days of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight […]

Alex Jones’ Insanity Reached Stunning New Levels Following Las Vegas Massacre (Videos)

Without a doubt, Alex Jones is one of the most disgusting, vile, and dishonest frauds in this country. He’s a creature who makes a living peddling fear, hate, anger, and outright delusions to people mentally unstable enough to think he’s a credible source of information. To trust Jones means you have to believe that damn […]

Alex Jones Rattles Off One of the Most Revolting Rants I’ve Ever Heard (Video)

Alex Jones is a piece of trash. This deplorable parasite is nothing more than a con man who’s made millions of dollars peddling lies, conspiracies, and hate to people who I can only assume are legitimately insane. How anybody can listen to this revolting pile of excrement and take anything he says seriously is beyond me. […]

Alex Jones’ Latest Conspiracy is So Nuts It Probably Deserves Law Enforcement Attention

Seeing as I’m not a doctor or any sort of mental health professional, I don’t like to throw out the words “crazy” and “insane” that often when describing someone. So when I say that a person has to be insane/crazy to believe anything that InfoWars’ Alex Jones says, I’m not using hyperbole. To believe that, […]

Alex Jones Pushes Absolutely Sickening Conspiracy About Hurricane Harvey (Video)

When it comes to Alex Jones, the revolting, Sandy Hook-denying founder of InfoWars, nothing he says shocks me anymore. Considering the type of tragedy-exploiting detestable bastard he is, and the fact the current “president” thinks he has an “amazing” reputation, I’ve made it a point to fight back against allowing his brand of utter insanity to become […]

InfoWars’ Alex Jones Just Said The Most Insane Thing I’ve Ever Heard (Video)

In my time following politics I’ve seen and heard plenty of things that actually left me speechless. Doing what I do for a living, you tend to develop a high tolerance when it comes to being “shocked” or “stunned” by something. It did happen fairly recently when I first heard Mike Pence claim that Donald […]

Crackpot Conspiracy Site InfoWars Tries to Trash Elizabeth Warren, Fails Miserably

I just read one of the most asinine articles I’ve ever seen in all my years covering politics. Fittingly, it was published by Alex Jones’ Infowars, a comically ridiculous conspiracy website that caters to people who probably shouldn’t do things like drive motor vehicles or own sharp objects. Well, a few days ago I wrote an article where […]

Conservative Conspiracy Fanatic Claims An Invasion Of 100 Million Muslim Refugees Is Coming

While most people are familiar with right-wing conspiracy nuts like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones from InfoWars, there is a much larger pool of lesser-known media figures that are all competing for space in the small, but crowded conspiracy market. Part of being successful in this industry is playing to the fears of people who […]