Trump’s Infrastructure Scam Amounts to a Massive Tax Hike on Poor & Middle Class Americans

While Donald Trump mentioned “rebuilding America’s infrastructure” throughout his campaign, he didn’t really talk about it all that much during his first year in office. That all changed this past week when he unveiled his long-awaited plan to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Sadly, it’s nothing but a giant scam that’s going to end up being […]

There’s a Better Way: Infrastructure Investment Paves the Way for Prosperity

This time last year, the rain fell.  And fell.  And fell. The floodgates burst, and South Carolina found itself facing an historic 1,000-Year Flood catastrophe—and the consequences of a decade-plus of Infrastructure neglect under Congressman Joe Wilson. The world watched, as many parts of South Carolina’s Second Congressional District became flood-ravaged lakes following breaches to […]

There’s a Better Way: I’m Running for Congress in South Carolina

A Daughter’s View Like every parent, I love my child beyond words.  I want my young daughter to have the best opportunities in a peaceful, industrious world.  I am running to represent the Second Congressional District of South Carolina because I am confident that our District can emerge from “Status Quo” Joe stagnation and work […]

Texas State Senator Slams Fellow Republicans, Admits Radical Conservative Policies are Ruining Texas

It doesn’t happen all that often, but every once in a while I’ll run across a Republican who said something that actually made sense. It seems Texas Republican State Sen. Kevin Eltife is a little fed up with Republicans who seem more concerned with pandering to his party’s rhetoric instead of actually, you know, governing.  He […]

Don’t Think We Need to Fix Our Country’s Crumbling Infrastructure? Tell That to This Guy

Once upon a time, the United States was the leader when it came to innovation and groundbreaking moments in human history.  We often led the way globally when the newest and the best technology came along.  Nowadays, that’s not really the case.  Especially when it comes to our crumbling infrastructure and horrible means of public […]

Potholes for Profit: From Schools to Roads, Republicans Care Only About Themselves

There’s been a huge push by the GOP for school vouchers over the last decade or so, and few places have had that agenda on the front burner more so than my current state, Louisiana. Leading this charge as part of his presumed White House bid in 2016, Gov. (“Stop Being the Party of Stupid”) […]