Al-Qaeda Threat Closes U.S. Embassies in 22 Countries–Possible “Surgically Implanted” Devices Being Used

According to a report from ABC News, U.S. embassies in 22 countries have been closed due to what one official called a “very active” threat. While specific details of the potential threat aren’t being openly discussed by security officials, it’s being called “big” and a “significant” threat from al-Qaeda. Details about the possible kind of […]

An Open Letter to Edward Snowden: Letting the Kattenburg out of the [CENSORED] Bag

Dear Mr. Snowden: I know a little secret. Actually, I’ve been dying to tell someone since [CENSORED] when I discovered that [CENSORED]. For rather obvious reasons, I cannot think of anyone more likely to understand my situation than you. I’m hoping maybe you, me and a few others can start a Friday night gin rummy […]