Darrell Issa Pathetically Refuses to Answer Questions Concerning Evidence of IRS Wrongdoing (Video)

Darrell Issa has made quite the name for himself as a Republican who seems absolutely obsessed with investigating “scandals” that ultimately go nowhere. While nearly every conservative knows about Benghazi and the IRS, can they honestly say that they really know anything about either?  By that I mean, outside of right-wing propaganda and talking points, […]

It’s Time We Investigate Darrell Issa’s Unethical Behavior After He Admits He’s Corrupt (Video)

A few months ago I wrote an article titled At What Point Do We Start an Investigation into Darrell Issa? concerning what I think has been some of the most blatantly unethical behavior by a House committee leader conducting investigations I’ve ever seen. I’ve always thought that when you investigate something, you’re seeking the truth – you don’t […]

At What Point Do We Start An Investigation Into The Behavior Of Darrell Issa?

Who would have ever thought a congressman from (of all states) California would lead a Republican witch hunt against President Obama and Hillary Clinton?  But that’s what we have with California Republican Representative Darrell Issa. To be honest, I hadn’t really heard much from this guy until the infamous Benghazi obsession swept through the Republican […]