How to Be a More Active Presidential Primary Progressive in Six Easy Steps

This list is not intended to be didactic.  Revise it.  Expand it.  Print it and use it as cat litter box liner.  Feel free to do with it as you please.  But I have a feeling it will be helpful to more than a few folks out there who want to make a difference but […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Caucuses the Iowa Field of Dreams

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Welcome to Dyersville, Iowa, in Dubuque County!  Also known the world over as Field of Dreams!  And, thanks to a generous Third Offering during last Sunday’s Cubic Zirconium Cathedral Ministries morning service, this little stretch of wintry, shucked Iowan cornfield now belongs to me—I mean, our ministry, by way of the […]

Republicans Are Failing Horribly At Attracting Minority Voters

If Republicans want to remain politically viable over the next few election cycles, they must confront the fact that the ethnic landscape of America is changing. In the last few years since Mitt Romney embarrassingly lost 83% of the minority vote, they have tried to promote minority candidates as proof that they are not out […]

Rep. Steve King: Ted Cruz Is God’s Pick To ‘Restore The Soul Of America’

If you asked the current GOP candidates for president, most would likely tell you that god told them to run. Either they’re imagining things, or god is trolling a whole bunch of Republicans by encouraging all of them to declare their candidacy. Remember how well that worked out for Michele Bachmann in 2012? As Donald Trump […]

These 3 GOP Candidates Will Speak At A Conference Hosted By A Pastor Who Wants Gays Dead

While everyone is talking about the latest dumpster fire that was the CNBC GOP debate, many have likely forgotten about the appeal some candidates are making to the very fringes of the Republican Party. The other night, 10 candidates on the main stage (and four at the opening act) talked mostly about their ideas about […]

Bobby Jindal’s New Strategy? Be Worse Than Donald Trump

Bobby Jindal has made a big deal out of the fact that he has recently climbed a whopping two percentage points in the Iowa Republican polls. Jindal, who has been conspicuously absent from his job as governor of Louisiana, is spending a lot of his time on the ground in Iowa, trying desperately to gain […]

Ted Cruz Says President Obama Is Inviting Syrian Refugees To ‘Murder Innocent Americans’

Ted Cruz’s career in politics is ultimately doomed to failure, mostly due to his inability to work with other members of his own party. As his presidential campaign limps along, eclipsed by Donald Trump’s three-ring circus act that has fascinated the media, Ted Cruz has tried to gather support through right-wing religious organizations instead. Currently, […]

Bobby Jindal Claims Judicial System Is ‘Trying To Criminalize Christians’

Bobby Jindal is struggling mightily in the polls. As of right now, he is lucky to be at 2% in the early primary states, and may pick up a few of the people who supported Rick Perry after his exit from the Republican primaries before they even started. With so many candidates in the race […]

Humanity, Not Quite Ready for Civilization: Enemy-Making, Resistance is Everything

Part IV in a series that explores whether humanity is ready for Civilization. Click these links to read Part I, Part II and Part III.   Enemies. Imagine a world without them. Yeah, that’s usually how most genocides start. … Have you ever noticed that humans seem to need enemies? How, even in relatively peaceful […]

No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto

Hillary Clinton has had a long career of service both in charity, law, and government. Starting in the 1960s, she became involved with politics, starting as a Republican, but soon becoming a Democrat in 1968. For any politician, male or female, she has a very impressive resume. Now she wants to be the next president […]