Paul Ryan Tries Fear-Mongering About Iran Nuclear Deal, Proves He’s Absolutely Clueless

For a while, House Majority Leader Paul Ryan was a fairly big and commonly mentioned name within the Republican party. He was Mitt Romney’s VP choice in 2012 and someone who many believed was gearing up to run for president in 2016, though that obviously didn’t happen. But until he replaced John Boehner as House […]

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, Desperate For Another War, Wants To Bomb Iran

Two Navy vessels experienced mechanical difficulties yesterday and drifted into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf. The crews of the two vessels were briefly detained by the Iranian military before being released, along with both ships. Iran determined the act was not intentional, the United States apologized for accidental incursion, and what looked like a […]

Why Bernie Sanders Can Be Trusted Against Terror: He Understands Learning From Our Past Mistakes

Senator Bernie Sanders gave a speech last week at Georgetown University which explained what his campaign is all about, along with what he believes Democratic Socialism is. In his speech, he gave possibly the best response to how we should address the problem of ISIS/Daesh, which much of the media overlooked. My friend Sean Illing […]

Ben Carson Apparently Doesn’t Think Shooting Down a Russian Plane is a Big Deal (Audio)

Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly demonstrated recently during his book promotion tour presidential campaign that he not only has a fuzzy grasp on the facts of his own life, but that he also knows very little about foreign policy. He’s also claimed that free college would destroy our country, and that evolution was a lie […]

Iranian President Trashes GOP During CNN Interview: A ‘Laughable Form of Entertainment’ (Video)

To be honest, I rarely engage in many political discussions with friends and family, simply because they usually don’t end well – especially if they happen to be a Republican. I made an exception on Saturday when a Republican friend asked me about Donald Trump. Being that this friend has always been fairly opened minded […]

Iranian Extremists and Republicans are Basically the Same Damn People

In this world, extremists (in no matter what walk of life we’re talking about) are basically the people who screw things up for everyone else. Take for instance Iranian extremists and conservative extremists. The truth is, most Iranian people don’t hate Americans and most Americans don’t hate Iranians. I worked with a woman who was […]

Ted Cruz Brags About His Willingness to Kill Iran’s Ayatollah if He’s Elected President (Video)

As most are probably well aware, Pope Francis has been in the United States for the last few days. To say it’s been quite the spectacle is an understatement. This is quite possibly the most progressive pope many of us have ever seen (if not ever) whose very Christ-like attitude concerning many issues has even […]

John Boehner Preparing to Throw Another Legal Hissy Fit Because He Couldn’t Defeat President Obama

In the past I’ve used the analogy of the “boy who cried wolf” to describe the Republican party’s attitude toward President Obama. Since before he even took the Oath of Office, Republicans have been lying, fear-mongering and doing just about anything they possibly can to make the American people think President Obama is some evil […]

Ted Cruz Gets Jealous Of Trump Coverage, Lashes Out At Obama To Feel Better About Himself

Since the Obama administration, the U.N. and many of our allies agreed with Iran on a nuclear deal, the rhetoric coming from the Republican party has been absolutely absurd. From Mike Huckabee suggesting that this brings Jews “to the door of the oven,” to many Republicans suggesting this will bring about WWIII, it’s almost comical how […]

Jon Stewart Destroys Republicans for Criticizing Iran Deal They Haven’t Even Read (Video)

While much of the political world has been consumed in the idiocy of Donald Trump, a historic nuclear deal with Iran was reached that barely registered as a blip on most people’s radars. If you’ve followed politics at all the last few years you know exactly how this went: President Obama did something historic that […]