Gallup Poll Finds New, Not-So-Shockingly Low Opinion Of Congress

Last year, I wrote an article about Congress and their abysmal approval rating of 10% at the time. I even thought that perhaps, maybe just maybe, they’d get the message and start trying to boost their numbers ahead of 2014 since it was an election year. The shocking defeat of Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th […]

Bob Schieffer Gives Congress a Badly Needed Reality Check, “They Can’t Do Anything…”

Bob Schieffer delivered an epic smackdown of Congress on Face the Nation this morning, giving special attention to the House of Representatives and their complete inability to get anything productive accomplished. He called them “disconnected to the rest of us” and pointed out how “they can’t do anything even when they want to.” Here’s the […]

Darrell Issa Proven to be a Fraud: Full Transcripts Reveal No IRS White House Conspiracy

I know I can’t be the only one who wondered why, as time went on, you heard less and less from prominent Republicans about these asinine conspiracy theories that tried to link the IRS “scandal” to the White House. And just like with the Benghazi emails, the full transcripts have revealed that there was absolutely […]

Talk About Scandal—Remember When Conservative Hero Ronald Reagan Sold Illegal Arms To Iran?

You know, I’ll be the first to admit Democrats have flaws, huge flaws in some instances.  If you follow my writing at all, or my page Right Off A Cliff, you know I often call out liberals when I think they’re acting ridiculous. But in my back and forth with conservatives, the one trait I […]

Despite Republican Efforts, “Scandals” Actually Cause Obama’s Approval Rating to Rise

Well, it appears I might have been on to something when I said these “scandals” were good for President Obama. According to two different polls, one by CNN/ORC International survey and the other Gallup, Obama’s approval rating has largely remained unchanged or gone up since Republicans went all-in with the run of “scandals” this past […]

“Benghazi-gate,” “Umbrella-gate” and the IRS Scandal — Why These Are Good for Obama

It goes without saying this past week hasn’t been the best week to be President Obama—at least it appears that way on the surface. But then it started to occur to me that I’m so damn tired of “conspiracy theories” and witch hunts against the President. Then another thing occurred to me—so are most Americans. […]

Irony: Republicans in Congress Calling the IRS Incompetent

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that Republicans in Congress are “outraged” over this IRS scandal?  That conservative politicians are attacking the IRS for being incompetent and corrupt? Oh, the irony. Coming on the heels of the 37th futile vote by House Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, costing taxpayers an […]

The Truth About the IRS “Scandal”

As House Republicans have become aware that they got totally suckered by the contrived Benghazi scandal, they’ve eagerly jumped onto their shiny new object — the flap over the IRS’s possible discrimination against the Koch Brothers-funded “grassroots” Tea Party movement. I don’t think anyone especially cares for the IRS, least of all myself. After a […]

How the Benghazi “Conspiracy” Turned Into an Epic Republican Failure

With the revelation today that the original emails from the White House on Benghazi had been doctored before the GOP took them as proof of a cover up, a theory I’d been entertaining for a while was confirmed in my mind. Does anyone else see this strategy coming from President Obama and this administration? Surely […]