43% Of Republicans Say They Could Support A Military Overthrow Of The United States Government

Remember the freakout earlier this summer over the Jade Helm military training operation? Remember how a number of politicians, all Republicans, pandered to the paranoid fringe that believed President Obama was finally going to unleash the United Nations forces on the Christian gun owners of America and send them to FEMA concentration camps? Right-wing conspiracy […]

Even Some Republicans Are Now Tired Of The Right-Wing Media’s BS

On a regular basis, I see people posting right-wing media links here on our website or elsewhere on the Internet as proof that there exists a vast liberal conspiracy to deprive them of their guns, or whatever the newest media hype is. Immigration, health care, gay marriage, Planned Parenthood or Jade Helm – these are […]

Jade Helm “Watchdog” Leader Gets Exposed for Racist, Violent Facebook Posts (Images)

Normally I probably wouldn’t even write this article, but it supports my belief that many of these radical right-wing conspiracy nuts are completely unstable and often extremely racist. By now you’ve probably┬áheard about the ridiculous Jade Helm nonsense where quite a few anti-government crazies believe a military exercise being carried out in the southwest is […]

Jade Helm Watchdog Leader Says He ‘Can’t Wait to Kill’ Useless Americans, Offers Absurd Excuse Why (Video)

By now I’m sure most people have heard all about this Jade Helm conspiracy nonsense. It basically comes down to a bunch of crazies who think a military exercise taking place over the southwest is all a nefarious plot by President Obama to invade Texas and declare martial law. There have been reports where people […]

Taking Crazy to a Whole New Level: Let Me Introduce You to “Operation Counter Jade Helm”

In case you didn’t know, the U.S. military troops who are going to be involved in the massive military training exercise known as Jade Helm are about to start landing in Texas. As I reported previously, Gov. Greg Abbott has already ordered the Texas Guard to “monitor” the activity of the United States military as […]

One In Three Republicans Believe Jade Helm Is An Obama Plot To Invade Texas

Once upon a time, there were these people known as “moderate Republicans.” They had ideas that may not have been the best policies for moving our country forward, but they tended to be more interested in padding their wallets instead of engaging in extremist politics. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. There’s […]

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert Just Made the Jade Helm Conspiracy Garbage Even More Ridiculous

I miss the days when the most you ever heard from ridiculous conspiracy theorists was on the public-access channels on cable, a random flier you might find on your car or when you happened to have an encounter with your creepy neighbor who seemed to always be peeking through their blinds. Sadly, those days are […]

Ted Cruz Says He Questioned Pentagon About Conspiracy Because The Government Is Not Trustworthy (Video)

Before all of this Jade Helm conspiracy ridiculousness started to gain mainstream traction, if someone came at me spouting off some gibberish about an elaborate plan by the United States government to seize control of several states, using Walmart as a staging ground to declare martial law – I would have probably laughed, rolled my […]