Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Hypocritical Pardon of Scooter Libby Was Perfect

Early Friday morning, as he does just about every morning, Donald Trump went on a Twitter tantrum ranting and raving about whatever he saw while obsessively watching cable news. As expected, James Comey’s upcoming book drew this “president’s” ire. He called the former FBI director a “slime ball,” “liar,” and said he should be prosecuted […]

Jake Tapper: Congress Treats Trump Like a Child Who Constantly Throws Hissy Fits (Video)

For a while now I’ve insisted that Donald Trump is one of the weakest “presidents” in this country’s history. It’s rather obvious that while most congressional Republicans continue to publicly defend and support Trump when they’re forced to, many of them know has no business being “president,” have no respect for him, and couldn’t care less about […]

Tapper Lays Out a Key Argument for Why Many Believe Trump’s Being Blackmailed by Russia (Video)

While there are many reasons why people believe Donald Trump has been compromised by Russia and is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin, in my opinion, one reason above all others stands out: the fact that he refuses to say anything negative about Russia or Vladimir Putin. It makes absolutely no sense why someone who’s repeatedly […]

Jake Tapper Hilariously Mocks Trump’s New ‘Deep State Conspiracy’ Lawyer (Video)

For those who haven’t heard, Donald Trump just hired a new lawyer to join his legal team who has very publicly alleged that Trump’s the victim of a conspiracy involving the Justice Department and FBI. You know, the whole “Democrat deep state” which is apparently “pulling all the strings” — in an investigation being led […]

Jake Tapper Hits Trump Where it Hurts, Slams Him for Being a Coward (Video)

While the vast majority of Donald Trump supporters view him as some “tough-talking alpha male,” this “president” is actually one of the most insecure cowards I’ve seen. Like most bullies (and Trump’s most definitely a bully), he’s fine whenever he’s in a position of power over someone he feels is weaker than he is or […]

Jake Tapper Brilliantly Slams Cowardly Trump For Avoiding Questions About Roy Moore (Video)

Say what you will about CNN as a whole, but Jake Tapper is someone who I’ve always found to be fair, honest, witty, and unafraid to ask tough questions of both Democrats and Republicans. Like on Wednesday when he did a brilliant breakdown of how Donald Trump’s take on sexual harassment and/or assault seems to […]

Gutless Sean Hannity Tries to Slander CNN’s Jake Tapper, Fails Miserably (Video)

When Fox News’ Sean Hannity blatantly exploited the murder of Seth Rich, despite his parent’s pleas for him to stop using their son’s death to push his unfounded conspiracies against Hillary Clinton, it became abundantly clear that there wasn’t any level to which he wouldn’t stoop in his desperate attempts to try to deflect away […]

Bill O’Reilly Tries Trolling Jake Tapper On Twitter, Gets Crushed by the CNN Host

It’s no secret that Republicans are no strangers to hypocrisy. They define the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do.” The people who claim to have built the party of “Christian values” embrace guns, anti-immigrant rhetoric, bigotry and war, and support a vile, petty, greedy adulterer on his third marriage who’s bragged about […]

Jake Tapper Shreds Hannity, GOP For Hypocrisy Over Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations (Video)

While nothing Republicans do surprises me anymore, I have to say seeing Donald Trump and other members of the GOP repeatedly calling out Democrats for Harvey Weinstein’s ties to the party took their jaw-dropping hypocrisy to a whole other level. Without a doubt, if the allegations are true — and based on what I’ve read […]

Jake Tapper’s Response to Trump’s Jaw-Dropping Insanity on Tuesday was Flawless (Video)

Over the last few months, CNN’s Jake Tapper has made quite the name for himself as someone who hasn’t shied away from being candid when calling out the never-ending chaos surrounding Donald Trump and his administration. So it should come as no surprise that the host of The Lead absolutely tore into Trump’s comments Tuesday where […]