Jeb Bush Hits Trump With Brutal Personal Jab About Being a Lousy Father

It really is hard to believe that not all that long ago, Jeb Bush was the front runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. Heck, for a good part of the 2016 GOP primary, I wrongfully predicted that he would eventually emerge as the winner. At that time, I honestly never believed that the GOP would […]

Today’s Republican Party Should Learn From George W. Bush On Islam

Back when he was president, I was not a fan of George W. Bush. While I supported the war in Afghanistan and the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the disastrous war in Iraq and the resulting fallout forever bittered me against him. I watched a number of my military friends go off to war […]

Here’s How Mitt Romney Could Be The Republican Nominee Again In 2016

Mitt Romney as the GOP’s nominee in 2016 may seem surprising, considering the fact that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the top two candidates currently in the primary race. While political pundits have predicted that Trump’s shelf life has passed its expiration date with his absurd comments about immigrants, Muslims and women, there isn’t […]

An Open Letter to the World Regarding Donald Trump (p.s. Don’t Put off Tomorrow…)

Dear Planet Earth Beyond the Borders of the Fruited Plain: You are probably struggling to identify where Uncle Sam’s penchant for reality TV and WrestleMania begins and its Republican Presidential Candidate policies end. Sorry, most of the time, no obvious line separates the twain: Mike “Gaza Gunpoint” Huckabee jumps off the top rope and clotheslines […]

Ted Cruz Understands Science Less Than The Average Kindergarten Student

It’s not a shock that the Republican Party has a huge problem when it comes to climate change science. It’s not so much that they don’t believe in it, but that candidates like Ted Cruz rabidly deny climate change because it is what their campaign contributors and their base want to hear. According to a […]

Sean Hannity Uses Fake News Website To Claim ISIS Will Invade America

A week ago on Sean Hannity’s show, he raised the concern while talking with presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump that ISIS terrorists could possibly infiltrate the Syrian refugees being brought to the United States. Making people afraid of things they don’t understand, especially facts and numbers, is par for the course for Sean […]

Jeb Bush’s Embarrassing Weekend Could Be The Final Nail In His Campaign’s Coffin

I can fully admit when I was wrong about something, and I don’t hesitate to say that I was wrong about Jeb Bush eventually becoming the Republican party’s nominee for president. I figured he would hang around the top 3-4 spots while the crazies ran their course (similar to Mitt Romney in 2012) but eventually […]

Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Takes Aim At Jeb Bush for Saying His Brother Kept Us Safe (Video)

In case you haven’t heard, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have been caught up in a fairly heated back and forth over remarks the GOP presidential frontrunner made concerning 9/11 and the role George W. Bush played as president. This all stems from when Jeb stated during the second GOP debate that his brother “kept […]

Jeb Bush Bungles Interview When Asked Why Hillary Is Responsible for Benghazi but Bro’s Not Responsible for 9/11 (Video)

While I don’t like giving Donald Trump credit for much of anything aside from acting like a complete fool, he seems to have inadvertently backed Jeb Bush into a corner that I’m certain even he didn’t anticipate. In case you haven’t heard, last week Trump once again made headlines when he essentially put a lot […]

Jeb Bush’s ‘Stuff Happens’ Comment on Shooting is Even Worse in Full Context

We need to be honest about the fact that this country probably can’t survive another Bush in the White House. While George H.W. Bush wasn’t all that terrible, his two sons (Jeb and George) are absolute morons. Putting aside the disaster that was the George W. Bush presidency, even from an image standpoint he made Americans […]