Forget Christmas, Republicans Have Taken Christ Out of Christianity

As a Christian who tries to live my life according to actual Christian values, I’ve taken great offense to the faux “conservative Christians,” especially the so-called “evangelicals,” who’ve spent the last few decades shamefully twisting and distorting my faith to push their hate, racism, bigotry, and ignorance. Let me just say this, to everyone reading […]

Stop Whining That We Need to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ When You Have No Idea What It Means

Every year around this time, Fox News and the Republican Party really start to push their fictional “War on Christmas.” It’s simply another way these clowns try to manipulate gullible rubes into believing that “Democrats are attacking your values.” Spoiler Alert: There is no war on Christmas — there never has been. While Christians view […]

A 5-Step Guide: Explaining Christianity to Republicans

We all know that the Republican party likes to champion itself the “party for Christian values” – though as I’ve pointed out many times before, I don’t see a whole lot of Christ-like values within the GOP. It’s never made sense to me how a gun-loving, poor-hating judgmental clan of people who proudly embrace greed […]

5 Things Republicans Strongly Support Which Would Make Jesus Christ Cringe

As I’ve said plenty of times before, Republicans love to champion themselves the “party of Christianity.” It’s never really made much sense to me considering I don’t see any real Christian values in practically anything that they support. Aside from their opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage (two issues about which Jesus Christ never spoke) there’s almost no semblance […]

Sarah Palin Pathetically Tries to Exploit Christ for Money (Video)

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that Republicans are out in force with their fictional “war on Christmas” nonsense that they churn out every year. It’s really quite comical. As if there’s some active push to remove Christ from Christmas. The only removal of Christ most liberals I know want is from places where […]

Deconstructing the Myth of the Conservative “Christian”

I’ve made no secret of my feelings that I don’t believe many conservatives who consider themselves Christians are in fact actual Christians. It’s just never made much sense to me how a party that loves guns and greed while simultaneously vilifying the poor and the needy could call themselves “Christians.” It’s like I’ve said plenty […]

Jesus Christ Would Be Ashamed to See the Republican Party Manipulating People Using His Name

Whenever I run across a holier-than-thou right-wing Christian, I like confronting them on their belief in Jesus Christ. Not because I want to mock their Christian faith (I am a Christian), but because I simply cannot grasp how someone can call themselves a Republican and a Christian. Jesus Christ, whether you believe he existed or not, represented a certain […]

Real Christianity vs. Whatever The Heck It Is Conservatives Actually Follow

For a while now I’ve been a big advocate for reclaiming Christianity back from the radical right-wing fake Christians who’ve hijacked it for far too long. I’ve just grown absolutely sick and tired of people associating Christianity with whatever it is these conservatives seem to worship. Because it sure as heck isn’t Christianity. I’ve called […]

Pope Francis Proves Once Again Why He’s Changing the Way Many People View the Papacy

While I know he still has a long way to go to “fix” the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has done extraordinary things during his brief time in his position to bring real change to how the church operates. His most recent gesture involves an Easter tradition. In the past, popes have washed the feet of […]

Republicans are Trying to Mix the Ideologies of Jesus Christ with an Atheist and That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

It’s amazing to me how few conservatives know who Ayn Rand is.  Especially considering that she’s quite possibly the most influential person behind most of the Republican party’s economic ideologies. She was a person who spoke out against social programs, believed that people should only worry about themselves, opposed big government and worshiped at the […]