Jill Stein Looks Like a Hapless Fool Trying to Defend Russia During CNN Interview (Video)

Anyone who follows me knows that I’m not a fan of Green Party hero Jill Stein. Some on the left might not agree with me, but I view her as nothing more than the far-left’s version of Trump. She’s nothing but a supposed “liberal” who seems to spend most of her time attacking other liberals […]

“So I Ran for Congress”: A Sneak Preview

In 2016, Arik Bjorn ran for Congress against Joe “You Lie!” Wilson as the¬†Democratic Party / Green Party fusion candidate in South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. Arik has been a regular contributor to Forward Progressives since 2013. Below is an interview excerpt from Arik’s pending book, So I Ran for Congress, which will be published […]

Green Party Hero Jill Stein Snaps, Outrageously Defends North Korea, Russia, and Trump (Video)

As a progressive, I’ve made no secret of my disdain for Green Party hero Jill Stein. While I don’t personally know her, she strikes me as an egotistical, petty, in-it-for-herself fraud who boosts herself, not by actually making a difference, but by pandering to people who are naive enough to think she knows what she’s […]

We can’t achieve positive progress by staying home when things don’t go our way

In running a Facebook page that tends to be center-left/independent politically, I come into contact with people from all edges of the political spectrum. All too often, I see the common refrain of “both major parties are corrupt, both parties screw the working man, both parties are exactly the same” and so on – every […]