The Awkward Moment When the Tea Party Realizes They’ve Been Pawns

Remember when the Tea Party first came out? Remember the signs? Remember how easy it was to accuse them of reactionary racism? And remember what Tea Party folks were saying in their defense? I’m sure many of them were genuine, and may not have wanted to associate with some of their own racist founders (like […]

Far-Right Conservative Groups Now Admitting That They Want to Hijack GOP for Radical Agenda

For a while now most liberals have been well aware of the fact that the tea party is nothing more than a tool used by far-right conservative groups to manipulate the Republican party, and by result, our government. ┬áThough at first the tea party tried to masquerade as some “grassroots” movement of ordinary Americans sick […]

Was Michele Bachmann Paid Off to Stay Home Next November? A Theory…

The unexpected announcement by Michele Bachmann that she will not seek another term as the Congressional embarrassment from the state of Minnesota had me very puzzled today. She had recently started running campaign ads for her re-election just a few months after winning the last one by 1 percent of the vote. Why would someone […]