John Boehner’s Tweet Following Overwhelmingly Positive Jobs Report Proves He Hates Job Creation

As most people know, every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a new jobs report detailing what our current unemployment rate sits at and how many jobs we created (or lost) the previous month. And as most people who don’t follow Fox News know, every single month since March of 2010 we’ve created private […]

Republicans, I Give In: Here’s a List of a Few Things You Can Blame on President Obama

Basically since before he even took the oath of office to become President of the United States, Republicans have opposed everything President Obama stands for and blamed him for practically everything. Literally it wasn’t even a few weeks into his presidency, in the middle of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, before Republicans […]

Study Shows States That Raised Their Minimum Wage Experienced Faster Job Growth

People who oppose the minimum wage always try to paint any increase as this “massive job killer” that will undoubtedly leave millions of Americans unable to find work. This belief, as most sane people are well aware of, is based on complete nonsense. In fact, companies like GAP, which recently announced that they would be […]

John Boehner Caught Blatantly Lying About Job Creation by Fact Checking Site

Recently during a debate with a conservative I asked a fairly straightforward and simple question, “Outside of tax breaks for the rich, name me one bill Republicans have supported that would directly create jobs?” Their answer?  The Keystone XL pipeline. And I could see why they would think that.  If you listen to Republicans talk […]

Fact: The Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create a Shockingly Low Number of Jobs

Before I get started, I hate to break the bad news to environmentalists, but when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline – unfortunately, it’s a losing battle.  The thing’s going to end up getting built and we’ll surely pay for it later. But pro-Keystone XL people shouldn’t get too cocky, because this little “pipeline […]

Introducing Possibly the Most Idiotic Anti-Abortion Argument by a Republican – Ever

It wasn’t too long ago that I considered myself an independent, and in a lot of ways I still do.  While I call myself a “liberal,” I really don’t like labels.  It wasn’t until around 2006 or 2007 when I saw the Republican party start slipping toward dangerous levels of radicalism and insanity that I […]

How 74,000 Jobs Completely Exposed Republican Hypocrisy

The first Friday of every month brings about what’s commonly referred to as the “jobs report.”  Meaning that the number of private-sector jobs created for the previous month are reported — which always brings about a political debate. For liberals, most of us are well aware that for nearly four straight years now we’ve experienced private […]

Oops! Chris Christie Admits Obama’s Economic Policies Have Worked, Economy Has Improved

I love the two sided argument state-level Republicans (particularly governors) use when talking about our economy.  When speaking about President Obama and his policies, they’ll undoubtedly say his policies are failing and have hurt our economy.  Yet, when they’re trying to champion their own political successes, often the first numbers they cite are jobs numbers. […]

Obama: Half of CEOs Surveyed Said Shutdown Set Back Plans to Hire. Thanks, GOP!

Before, during and after the government shutdown there were more than a few individuals who had the cynical view of, “Eh, who cares.”  Many didn’t feel any impact, therefore they didn’t believe that the government being closed was really that big of a deal. Well, as I pointed out in an article I wrote the […]

If Republicans Would Just Get Out of the Way, Our Economy Would Be Much Better Off

There are a few indisputable facts about our economy since Obama became President of the United States.  We’ve created nearly 7 million jobs, unemployment dropped from a high of 10.1% down to 7.4%, stocks continue to set records and corporate profits have also hit record highs.  Oh, and despite popular right-wing rhetoric, we’ve seen the […]